Romeo the ultimate dickhead

Romeo, in an unbelievably selfish move, left the Bay with Liam Murphy. He said goodbye to Indi in a letter, but neglected to mention that he had cancer. So, she was totally bamboozled. Sid was caught in the middle, and eventually told his daughter the truth. Good acting, poor Indi.

Ricky and Cheryl were stirring things up ’round the Braxtons, mentioning Adam to Bianca, and slagging off Kyle.

Brax gave Kyle a great lecture, about not letting Casey down. He’s a good man for a telling-off. So, Kyle apologised to Casey.

Heath, in an extremely unusual move, gave his ma a lecture over being a wagon to Bianca. It was Braxton Bollocking day.

We reckon Ricky is on a revenge mission to the Bay.

Drinking from the fountain of knowledge

Sasha thinks she’s going to vom for some reason, I hope she doesn’t get it all over Dex now that he’s the most popular man on campus again. He’s stoked to be back in the swing of things. Dex says that Uni is going so well that it feels like he’s drinking from the fountain of knowledge. April confided in Sasha that Uni didn’t go quite so well for her. She also wants Dex back, but he remains oblivious to the fact. Sasha pushed them back together and they eventually admitted that things hadn’t been going as well as they had been letting on. Hopefully they’ll get back together and quit their messing.

Jett is still being bullied by Tilda. Sasha interrupted the latest incident and told him to rat her out to Gina, but Jett thinks it’s pointless for some reason. He later reluctantly agreed though, and John was called in for the consultation with the head mistress. They told him to turn the other cheek, which he’s trying to do, but it’s tough going. Gina called the ma in but she turns out to be a wagon who thinks her daughter can do no wrong. Tilda hasn’t let up and is continuing to abuse Jett, hard old station for him.

Liam is at a low ebb again. He’s been sacked from his job for theft, and his ex-wife is getting re-married to his arch enemy. He had a heart to heart with Irene where she told him he’d bounce back. He took his ill-gotten gains from Angelo’s and posted them to his son. Then he mounted his bike and sped off. Is that the end of the rock god’s Bayside stay? If so, he’s gone out with a wimper rather than a bang.

TwoTube are going to have a special guest in studio tomorrow, none other than Luke Mitchell who plays Romeo, they should ask him how the new gym is going.

From the vaults: KISSES HURT SO MUCH!!!!!

CLASS song!

Two little mates

Romeo’s dreams are falling apart in front of his eyes. He went for a walk on the beach with his “best mate” only to be told that he’s carrying on with his ex-wife. Romeo can’t stand the sight of Liam now and is moving out of Leah’s house to show his displeasure. Maybe he can follow Ruby’s road to ruin and go sulk in a van for a while before sabotaging Liam’s motorbike.

Tim’s new business venture means that Roo has landed a dream job for herself. The downside is that she’ll have to commute to the city. Harvey is less than impressed about his fiance spending time with her ex. Harvey isn’t very secure in his relationship but Roo wouldn’t do the dirt, would she?

Richard wants Jet, but Jet doesn’t want to go to crappy Western Australia. When his Dad turned up at the gaff looking to collect his nipper, Jet had a change of heart and left with his old man. That’s another former crook kid reformed by the redemptive airs of the bay. He can leave town with his head held high. Gina will be heart-broken now, she’ll have to find another pet project.