You were a mistake

That was a fine episode, in the vein of the mad old Home and Away episodes of yore. Casey suffered in the desert (ok, bush) at the hands of Kyle, his evil half-brother. A childhood fable led Brax to him, but not before Casey was visited upon by a mysterious maiden who, apparently, was just out for a walk, miles from anywhere. This maiden injured Kyle by blowing up his Ute. However, despite being two feet from a massive explosion, Kyle was alright, and ran off. Brax and Nat were alerted to Casey’s location, and Nat played nursemaid, while Brax took off on foot to avenge his brother. Amazing.

I have some questions:

  • Was that girl real?
  • How long will be it be before Kyle comes good?
  • Does Kyle have a Blood and Sand tattoo or an All or Nothing one?

Also, Indi and Romeo whined at each other again. Sweet sufferin’ succotash.


Ah this new angry Romeo is a gas man. He flies off the handle at everyone. Sure Liam has already copped on what he’s at. Anyway he may keep at the oul’ steroids, he’s much more interesting.

Kyle made Kidnapped Case ring Brax one final time. Clever Kidnapped Case threw in a few hints in his dialogue. So Brax and Nat are off to the remotest bushiest part of Oz to rescue him. I’ve missed a few episodes – why has Kyle kidnapped Kidnapped Casey?

Now, what about Chaaaalie coming back? This is hysterical.