Cat show at Mangrove River

So, Miles told Leah ’twas him who helped Veej write to Elijah.  Leah went mental, then calmed down and called around to the caravan park with a confession.  She’s been writing to Elijah every day since he left.  Where in the name of God did she get the time to do that?  No wonder she’s so flustered.

All this talk of Elijah makes me think he might be coming back.  Normally when someone leaves the Bay, they’re never/rarely heard of again.  For example, Dani, Jade, Kirsty, Cassie, Rhys, Shelly, Tasha, Geoff, Robbie, and the list goes on.

In another unusual H&A move, no-one has found out about Hugo’s money.  Well, Charlie knows, but it’s not public knowledge.  What’s that about?  Anyway well done to the writers for not following their usual path!

Nice one Rockstar

Good one by Liam there; telling Nicole he loves her will keep her around for another wee while.   Wow, he was so busy in that episode, between his supposed “lessons” and sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Miles is off the hook with the cops but went mental when he saw a picture of Kirsty in the school yearbook.  In fairness, I’d go mental if I had to look at a picture of that moany cow.  Anyway Gina is making him take stress leave.  He’s annoyed by this but I think he should take the opportunity and spend a few days down the Diner eating burgers.  He’s wasting away.

Miles is in for it now

Miles Copeland hasn’t had it easy since he moved to Summer Bay.  As a down-and-out, he slept on the beach and wrote cryptic messages in the sand in the hopes that his sister would find him.  Naturally, he went from living hand-to-mouth to becoming a teacher at the only school in town, and won the heart of Kirsty Sutherland.  Unfortunately she turned out to be a total wagon.

These days Miles spends his time getting bashed and threatening children.  It looks like Riley’s dad is behind it all.  I hope the YCPD can crack this case.  If not maybe they should bring Robert Robertson back.  Maybe they should just do that anyway.

So, the teenage(-ish) couples of Summer Bay are all talking about sex.  Ruby and Geoff decided they’ll have a go, while in a startling move, Nicole is standing her ground with Liam and refusing him access.  Is that because she’s changed her tune, or because she has her wee eye on Aden?  Ooooh, mucho mysterioso.

Now, where are Martha and Hugo and Suzy and Bungbung?

Crying with laughter

Watch this and you will be too. We often thought about dubbing Home and Away, but this fecker got there first: