Irish in the Bay alert!

There’s going to be an Irish girl in Home and Away.

But, what’s more, she’s engaged to real-life Kane!


And…she’s gone

Well, that’s that. For a moment, there was a glimmer of hope that Colleen might not jet off to Las Vegas, but in the end, she went. John Palmer made sure to get a squeeze before she departed. Alf sent an email that tugged at the heartstrings terribly. Even Morag showed up. Farewell, Miss Groper! We’ll never see her likes again.


Things in the Bay continued as normal after Mrs. Smart left. Jet is still nicking stuff, i.e. Indi’s purse, Gina is still on the case and Xavier had a go as well. All is not well in the Jet household. Poor oul’ Ma Jet is on the way out, by the look of her.

Heath snuck in April’s bedroom window again, but not for a bit of boldness this time. Instead, he built the cot that Bianca had bought for the bub. Ahhh. Breaking, entering and flat-packing. He may hold his horses though, because Bianca went to the hospital in a panic shortly afterwards. Uh-oh. As Kane once said, “If anything happens to the bay-bee…..”!

Mr. Townsend is still getting a rise out of poor Casey. Gina’s well and truly on the Braxton side though. I love Mr. Townsend. He only has one mood, and here it is:

Mr. Townsend on a good day


A slap in the face

What happened to Sasha and Stew? She was professing her love for him to Indy and saying how well things are going. She did have the sense to tell him that she’s not ready to “take it to the next level”, which was sensible. That sense deserted her when it came to dressing up for her date with Stew, she looked somewhat ridiculous, which goes to prove that she is a Walker, taking after Indy. So she went out for a ride in Stew’s awesome green machine and he gave her abuse for not texting him back. But the verbals weren’t enough and he slapped her in the face! I hope she sees sense and kicks him to the kerb. No doubt she’ll forgive him, tell herself he’s changed, until he does it again.

Were there any other violent relationships recently? I was casting my mind back to see if I could remember them. Did Kane hit Kirsty at some stage? Maybe I’m slandering him incorrectly. I’ve a feeling we’ve had this storyline before, “what’s new with that” I hear you say.

April is a right little addict these days. Robbing prescription papers from Sid, where will it end? Did she get the wrong tablets for Irene? That didn’t seem clear. Irene seemed very pepped up once she took what April gave her. Irene’s going to end up addicted to pro plus and caffeine tablets.

Welcome to Summer Bay

Summer Bay – popular with surfers, fishermen, rapists and psychopaths.  Now that Ruby has met up with her dad, who raped Charlie, sure it’ll only be five minutes before he ends up in the bay.  It’s a magnet for ne’er do wells.  But maybe the sea air will have a calming and positive influence on him, causing him to mend his erroneous ways.

There have been previous reformed rapists who managed to be accepted in the bay.  First there was Kane who raped Dani back in the day. He was eventually accepted by all, even Kirsty for some bizarre reason.  In more recent times Henk made an appearance which shocked Rachel as he had raped her when they were younger.  Cassie wasn’t too put off and went out with him despite his weird name.