Bye bye Rabbit and Aden, hello Hugo

What a dramatic few days in Summer Bay.  Rabbit helped Miles rescue Leah, Elijah, and a rake of kids from being gassed on their school trip.  Somehow this meant that it was time for Rabbit to leave.  So she headed off with her ma down the beach.  Poor Miles was in bits over it.  There was no explanation of Rabbit’s psychic powers though.  I think we should put this in the Alf-as-aborigine box and accept we’ll never know the answer.

Nicole, being egged on by Justin, broke up with Aden as he wouldn’t say he loved her.  So he went off into the wide blue yonder with Justin.  No doubt he’ll join the army too.

Hugo’s back.  Martha decided everyone should know that he is in witness protection so she told Xavier and then went down the diner to tell everyone else.  She did it in the same room as Colleen; she must have the memory of a goldfish.  Anyway then Xavier told Ruby, and later met Hugo on a random road in the Bay.  Hugo was sporting some fine stubble and hiding under a hat.  The bad guys will never look there.

The game’s up

It was a day of revelations in the Bay. Firstly, we had both Aden and his brother Justin trying to take the wrap for burying the Dad’s body affair. Each one is trying to keep the other one out of it but ultimately they’ll be found out.  Sure lies never last long in the Bay.

Then we had Alf and Angelo get sprung talking about Hugo in front of Martha.  If braindead super sleuth Martha can figure out that you’re keeping secrets then you’re really in trouble.  Hugo’s cover will be blown in no time once Martha finds out the truth.  I hope his witness protection scheme is better than Vinny’s: a farm worker who moonlighted as a teddy bear at children’s parties and died from sceptic wounds, suffered in a farming accident.  You couldn’t make it up.

I don’t really understand why she’s upset about his death again now.  It’s like she forgot about him for a few months then remembered who he was all of a sudden.  Didn’t they break up before he “died” anyway?

Jeffries brothers, undertakers at large

Aden and Justin, his brother with the dopey voice, decided to continue their midnight escapades by returning to the scene of the crime, the spot where they buried their dad. Charlie knows something is up and is on the case, searching hard to find some clues as to what happened to Mr. Jeffries. But she was a little too slow here as the amateur undertakers found the body and got out of there before the YCPD could track them down. Another victory for the boys and girls in blue.

Justin had a heart to heart with Nicole and told him that Aden should join the army to sort his life out.  He’s said this a few times but never really explained why his thinks a military life would be the solution to Aden’s problems.  He expected Nicole to understand as her own dad, the much missed Roman, was in the SAS, but she seemed as confused as I am as to why it’s a good plan.


Yippee, Marilyn is back and she brought a stray with her! It’s Justin Jeffries, Aden’s brother. I wonder if he’ll move into Nicole’s house?

Alf and Irene explained to some of the blow-ins who Marilyn is. Colleen is holding a grudge because Marilyn dumped Lancey – fair enough, he was an amazing catch.

Xavier wants to live with Martha. For some reason he seems to like slavery.