So you think you’re tough?

Harvey is hanging around the city with his ex and Lottie almost caught them in bed. She told Harvey to give his fiance a ring and they sorted things out over the phone and he headed back to the bay. If only Harvey had half the sense of his daughter. Will Harvey tell Roo that he slept with Mel? Probably not but she’ll find out somehow.

Jet apologised to Veej for being a bully and a dick, which Veej accepted without any qualms, they’re best mates now. Veej doesn’t have any time for Liam and is annoyed with him practicing guitar in the house. Jet is impressed with the fact that Veej is living with a real life (ex) rock star, a lot more impressed than Jet is.

Case is staying up all night doing weights, his guns are going to be massive, which will be useful in prison. Brax is worried about him, but Casey says he’s looking after things – I know who I believe. Brax was so worried he decided to kick Casey’s door in and found all his stuff piled up in the corner, which is no way to live your life according to Brax. Casey flipped and managed to floor Brax with one punch. Hardy man.

Sad Case

Casey is down in the dumps. His symptoms include dropping out of school (again), wrecking his room and moping on the beach on his own. He’s sure he’s going to jail for putting down his old man, Danny the dog. Not even Sasha coming for a chat on the moonlight sands was enough to lighten his mood.

Natalie is driven to distraction in her Braxton stalking and snooping. I think she’s got some sort of homing signal, she can always find Casey or Brax and pry them for feelings. What’ll she do if Casey gets locked up? She’ll have to start taking an interest in Heath.

Gina was feeling great either until Jet turned up with his dad. Looks like he’s not going to WA after all. They’re all one big happy family again. Poor Gina, you’d swear she didn’t have any sons of her own. Anyone heard from Bandicoot recently?

Two little mates

Romeo’s dreams are falling apart in front of his eyes. He went for a walk on the beach with his “best mate” only to be told that he’s carrying on with his ex-wife. Romeo can’t stand the sight of Liam now and is moving out of Leah’s house to show his displeasure. Maybe he can follow Ruby’s road to ruin and go sulk in a van for a while before sabotaging Liam’s motorbike.

Tim’s new business venture means that Roo has landed a dream job for herself. The downside is that she’ll have to commute to the city. Harvey is less than impressed about his fiance spending time with her ex. Harvey isn’t very secure in his relationship but Roo wouldn’t do the dirt, would she?

Richard wants Jet, but Jet doesn’t want to go to crappy Western Australia. When his Dad turned up at the gaff looking to collect his nipper, Jet had a change of heart and left with his old man. That’s another former crook kid reformed by the redemptive airs of the bay. He can leave town with his head held high. Gina will be heart-broken now, she’ll have to find another pet project.

Father vs son

Casey has been snared rapid. Himself and Brax thought they had pulled the wool over Danny’s eyes but no, there’s life in the old dog yet. He was wise to their ruse and knew that Casey wasn’t genuine in his expressed desire to pull a robbery and go on a road trip with Danny. So he dragged Casey into the robbery and tried to force him to shoot the only witness. Casey refused but Danny was having none of it. Just as Brax and Natalie arrived outside, a gunshot rang out, but who did it hit?

Gina was having a great birthday lunch with John and Jet in Angelo’s, the young lad even bought her a book as a present. All rosy in the garden, or was it? Next minute their bliss was shattered when a knock at the door informed them that Jet’s father, Richard, has appealed for full custody of his son. I’m sure Jet will decide to turn him down and stay in the Bay.