Bumps and Braxtons

So Heath’s buck’s night barmaid is up the duff, and Bianca is none too impressed. That’ll pass though. Our money’s on a Braxton adoption.

Sasha bowed out of the captaincy race at the last minute, and non-candidate Matt won the male contest. Perhaps he and Tamara could become an item. It has been commented that he is an Aden-type character, so he’ll probably come good in no time.

There was some amazing line-crossing between Marilyn and John, in which she thought he was going to propose, when really he was trying to source a beau for Irene. Ah bless.

Casey and Ricky are off to visit Adam, and plead him to help Brax’s case. Caution advised.

Irene gets a storyline

In today’s episode, Marilyn talked Jessica the bride out of getting married. She robbed Leah of an order in the process. Jessica seemed fairly simple and downtrodden, so I’m surprised she took action.

It looks like Irene might have breast cancer. No-one has even noticed she’s out of sorts. Bianca broke up with Liam and is moping around. April’s too busy giving Bianca advice. Irene even had a slow-motion, soft-focus scene and still no-one copped on.

Roo called around to check on Sid. In return, he gave her a tongue-lashing over walking out on the Walkers. He’s a cheeky doctor.