The plot thickens

Aha, Adam and Jamie are father and son. They’re in the Bay to do a job. Leah very obviously overheard them saying so in the Surf Club, but strangely, they didn’t spot her crouching right beside them on the stairs.

Leah is raging because Jamie took Veej out on a jet-ski. What’s the buzz there I wonder?

Marilyn went on two dates, and her hair was amazing! The first fella was a no-go, but the second chap was into tarot, and even has a new-age bookshop in Yabbie Creek. Perfect! Mr. JP was hanging about, and quizzing the suitor, so Marilyn gave him a right telling off. She’s like a new woman with that new hair.

Adam has roped Liam into helping him with the “job”; if he does, Adam will leave Bianca alone. Yeah, right, Murphy!

Who put you up to this?

Bianca is on the warpath. Everybody is interfering in her business. She can’t even take prescription drugs and space out in peace without having half the Bay all up in her grill. First Natalie stuck her nose in, then Irene poked around, but Liam calling over to “talk” was the last straw. She rang Heath and gave him an earful then gave Liam and Natalie a serve in Angelo’s.

He had other things to worry about, like roaming around the city in the rain with Brax. They’re on a Kyle hunt and managed to find a place he’d be staying but the girl staying there said he’d gone. Where next for the brothers Braxton? I don’t think they’d make good detectives as Kyle was there all along. He decided to leg it when he figured out the boys were after him but changed his mind and organised a showdown under the bridge, plus he brought some backup. Get ready for some bashing.

If Natalie and Brax don’t get back together, then how about Liam and Natalie as a new couple? They are both involved in problem solving/advising/general nosiness.

Leah went on a lunch date with Jamie in a massive gaff. He managed to talk her into it despite her initial reservations, but what’s he hiding? He cooks a mean moussaka but I suspect he has a secret or two up his sleeve. He seems very interested in young Veej for some reason.


Well, Leah has a stalker. Brilliant. What’s his story? Maybe someone related to her was involved in his mother’s death? Either way, I’m loving it!

Romeo took Dex out for the day, Dex wee’d himself, some girls approached, and Romeo saved the day by firing him into the ocean. Poor Dex. Still no mention of Ruby, who put him in this situation; these people have ridiculous levels of forgiveness.