Feud over, everyone relax

The Adam v The Mighty Mighty Braxtons feud is over. Brax got Adam to tell all to the cops. Jamie was charged with the attempted moider of one Heathcliff Braxton. Apparently Jamie also killed his own ma! He is a hardcore nutjob.

Jett got Indi to babysit, so he could fawn over her. His moves were thwarted by her actual husband showing up. Awwwww.

Job opportunities

Spencer and Maddy were so desperate for somewhere warm and safe that they broke into the school. Before long they’ll be mitching off school. While there Maddy showed her mean violin skills. Maybe they should go busking, that would earn them a fortune. Alternatively, they could rely on Roo’s generosity to put them up in a van.

Celia is now working for Alf in the caravan park and wants to become its guest relations manager. All these years and they didn’t realise what they were missing. Not only will she clean the place up but she’ll also enforce a strict moral code among the guests, no kissing or fondling allowed, which doesn’t sound like much crack. Will gambling be allowed?

Liam and Brax are concocting a plan to get back at Adam. They staged a firing incident in front of Adam. He bought it and encouraged Liam to take a job working for him rather than going on the dole. Poor simpleton/psycho Jamie was accosted by a vigilante posse of Kyle and Heath. Jamie ran back to Adam and spilled his guts, saying they should leave town, a proposal which didn’t go down well with his dad. He fell for Heath’s ruse and overheard Brax and Liam using a fake safe house location for Leah as bait. The dupe fell right into the trap and turned around up in the empty house to find himself face to face with his worst nightmare, Kyle “he’s off his head” Braxton.

If he’s dead, you’re dead

Argh, Brax is great at being threatening. He warned Jamie that he would be a goner if Heath had died all at sea. It didn’t take long for Jamie’s great plan to be unravelled. Now, where has Heath gone? Surely he couldn’t have used his mighty tattooed biceps to swim all the way to Summer Bay?

Kyle gave a great speech about second chances; he earned 200 Brax-points for that.

Everyone was happy about Dr. April, except for Dex, who was worried he’d be left behind. The couple had a good chinwag and all is well.

Bianca is such a selfish wagon, it’s hilarious. She barely acknowledged April’s great news, and slunk off to her room. Then, when she got some good news herself, she was all chat, about herself of course.

Heath overboard

Well that was pretty climactic. Jamie spent the episode fishing and filling Heath with drink, two mates having a bonza time. Only once Adam gave the word he whacked Heath across the noggin and dumped his unconscious body in a lifeboat with a hole in it. Heath had better wake up soon or hope that the current leaves him on a desert island before the boat sinks, Robinson Crusoe style.

Brax took a poll of public opinion in the town r.e. Jamie and Adam. Those surveyed included John, Kyle and Natalie. The results were most unsatisfied with the behaviour of the bad boy father and son combo. Brax reluctantly agreed to pay heed and told Adam to sling his hook. Something tells me that he won’t go down without a fight.

Brax was full of Charlie melancholy and noticed that he had a tattoo dedicated to her on his hand. He does like Nat and her nosiness but she can’t live up to a good old fashioned dose of Charlie face. He’s worried that she may end up dead like his ex so he’s dumped her for her own good. It’s never easy being a Braxton.