Irene Roberts

Oh Gawd. Irene used to have a quare thirst on her when she first appeared on our screens back in the day. She was alco mother to Finlay and Damien (aka “Mouse” in the Matrix). She was as desperate as a derro waiting outside the bottlo in the arvo. They also had a evil brother called Nathan who went to Jail. Bold. But after a while Irene managed to kick the grog. She moved to the Bay to show Finlay that she was reformed.

She’s fitted into the Summer Bay lifestyle well and saw that it is de rigeur to take in any strays that happen upon your doorstep. Over the years she’s had many a waif live in the beach house like Selina, Tasha, Kane and Kirsty, Chloe, Kim and now Belle, to name but a few. Her door’s always open and all are welcome.

She’s managed to get into quite a few scrapes in her time. She once competed in a country and western singing contest. Her dress was rigged up with lights but the whole thing went on fire and Irene had to take it off. Flamin’ drongos.

She’s also had quite a few fellas along the way. Do you remember Paris, the headmaster? What about Barry Hyde? She seems to have a thing for headmasters. She also went out with Will and Hayley’s dad. He got crushed by a car so that was the end of that.

After Sally, Don and Alf, I think that she is now the longest serving cast member. Sure she loves slaving away in the Diner, getting stressed out with Leah and complaining about Colleen. Long may it continue.