STD Tree

Help us solve this mystery, where did the chlamydia originate? Have we left someone out?

Edit: it doesn’t matter, Ruby doesn’t have chlamydia, so the buck stops with Emily.

STD tree 6


Romeo has a burny one, and Sid has a wandering one. That’s why he’s so mad at young Smith, he reckons Romeo’s a philanderer, just like him. The doctor was fairly eyeing up Roo when she visited Angelo at the hospital.

Anyway the STD thing is sorted now. Romeo is treating it, and Indy is disease-free. I bet Ruby’s not though.

Roo’s friend Nora turned up in the Bay. Roo did something bold but it looks like Nora forgives her. All will be revealed.

Nicole wants her baby back, unsurprisingly. Does this mean poor Marilyn is going to lose Sid and George too? Sad.


Poor Charlie. It’s actually painful to watch how stupid she is. Brax sent her to Keith’s house to find a small bag of weed, while he helped Brodie escape. He was parked at the side of the road when the cops whizzed past, but they didn’t see his massive four-by-four. Amazing.

Romeo has chlamydia. Who did he get that from I wonder? Indy won’t be impressed. Daddy Sid couldn’t tell her as it would be unethical. For some reason it was ok to tell Marilyn though. Pretty lax hippocratic oath they have in Australia.

The Bay’s first STD?

One of Sid’s patients has some downstairs trouble and she reckons it’s because of Romeo. Even the most rational of men would be annoyed with this, especially if it came the day after he found Romeo half-nude with his equally undressed daughter. So Sid was very frosty towards Mr. Smith when he popped around for lunch. Romeo is experiencing some itchiness alright, I wonder will he have to go to Dr. Sid for treatment? Hahahahaahahahahah!

Brodie is on the loose and found out about Charlie and Brax. The whole thing’s gonna come tumbling down. Hahahahahahahahahahaha x 2!

Heath is cracking on to Bianca. She doesn’t seem to mind much. ‘Tis a bit quick after Liamo’s departure though.