Psycho Sid

Sid is off getting his head sorted. Indi is grand with him having his own time, but Dex was too curious about his well-being. He went looking for his Dad and tracked him down, can’t see Sid being too happy about his family finding out about his breakdown.

Romeo had a chat with John Palmer and got a brain-wave when discussing the gym. What’s happened to the old Summer Bay Super Bods? Nobody is leasing it at the moment so Romeo and Indi are going to take it over. Will they do as good a job as Jesse and Hayley did when it first opened? Tony and John also had a go at running it . I back Romeo to get it going, it’s a perfect job for somebody like him, plus he’ll have Indi’s business acumen at his disposal.

Alf and Celia are still a-bluing. Marilyn decided to mediate in the scrap and get the siblings back on speaking terms. Alf said he is sick of his little sister’s lies. He should ask her to stick her tongue out to see if it’s black.

No punches pulled

Well, a few people took their veritaserum in that episode:

  1. Sasha rightly told Indi she was a walking disgrace for getting together with Liam so soon after breaking up with his “best mate”* Romeo.
  2. Veej pointed out to Liam that none of his relationships last, e.g. Bianca, Hayley. It’s a sad day when a 13-year-old is giving you love advice.
  3. Sid told April to wake up and smell the comatose boyfriend. He’s losing hope.

Also, in a realistic move, Sid phoned Dex’s ma.

Finally, why does Liam wear leather jackets when everyone else is in vests and shorts? Does he think he’s back in Ireland or what?

* About 5 times in that episode, someone referred to Liam and Romeo being best mates. Not since the days of building Liam’s house-that-never-was have they had a storyline together – amirite?

Who the f*** is Alison?

Leah has a new pet project, looking after Liam. She needs something else to focus on since she was spurned by Brax. She left the Diner to take Liam to the hospital but as she was going, she asked Alison to look after the place. Who is ALison and why is she minding the place? Half the bay works there, almost every female cast member seems to do a shift but it’s up to Alison to hold her steady while Leah swans off with Liam. What’s the Bay coming to?

Da Braxton got out of jail which was pretty amazing given that Hayley was high and then in withdrawal during the hearing. Judicial standards must be pretty low in Australia. Heath displayed surprising reason in denying her further drugs mid hearing but it didn’t make any difference, she got the old man off. Brax decided to resort to getting locked on his own in his own restaurant which can’t be great for business.

Liam managed to recover from his fit but got a telling off from Sid for his coke binge. He resolved to stay straight after his wake up call which meant an end to his dalliance with Hayley. She didn’t take it very well but he won’t let her drag him down with her. I hope that’s the end of her now, getting a bit sick of her sober/relapse cycle.


Lottie overheard Roo saying she isn’t much craic, so she enlisted Sasha to help her rebel. Personally, I think Sasha should’ve let her get a Blood and Sand tattoo. Roo and Lottie had a great oul’ row over it, and Alf was suitably smug that he wasn’t involved. The girls made up, anyway. Roo mentioned Martha. Ah, Martha. So mental.

Did the Lottie actress break her leg in real life?

Brax is doubly raging – at Hayley because she’s gonna free his da, and at Liam because he’s stupid enough to be involved with Hayley. Hayley is back on the gear, yet again.

Leah welcomed the counsellor lady to the Bay. She won’t be too happy when Natalie snares Brax.

Brax said “Oi” to some cops. It’s the perfect phrase for any occasion. His da is very sure of a release. Oi indeed.

Liam’s back on the gear. His hair got fairly messed up in the session. Also, he had a fit, but not as good as Bianca’s.