Let joy be unconfined

TBTG, Home and Away is back; we haven’t seen Brax, Jett and the gang since 2013. The elder Braxton has gone to jail for at least 10 years and the rest of them don’t know what to be at. Heath is pretending to be a grown-up; he even defended the medical profession at one point, which must be a first. Ricky is a basket case, and can’t handle her man being banged up at all.

Jaily Jaily Brax Brax
Jaily Jaily Brax Brax

Hannah is a nurse, apparently. She helped out when Josh arrived in hospital, thanks to his mam’s fondness for handguns. So that crowd are sticking around, Hannah, Oscar and Evelyn of the shocking attire.

Jett wants John to tell Marilyn he’s only mad about her. John doesn’t want to let Gina go. Eh, John, this is Summer Bay; you’re only expected to mourn for 8-10 episodes.

Fly in the ointment

Everything is going well between Indigo and Chris, so in typical Summer Bay style, his ex, Robyn, turned up.  Chris thought they were broken up but she thinks they are still going strong.  He needs to let her down gently so that he get back to Indi, in her head, they had something special, but it was only a 3 day fling to him.  But he couldn’t summon up the courage to tell her the truth about Indi and gave Robyn a hug, which Indi oversaw.  He’s in trouble now.

Zac and Ricky are trying to get through to Evelyn in the bush.  It’s the twins birthday but a childhood memory wasn’t the way she remembered and it turns out that Zac wasn’t the monster she thought he was.  She decided to leave her father with the cult and stay with Hannah and her bro.

Leah is having a hard time keeping the truth about Oscar and Hannah being runaways from the cult.  VJ is happy that he has somebody to beat in his video games.  One of the creepy cult members showed up in the Bay looking for Zac.  Unfortunately VJ let slip that they’re living in his house so he called over and isn’t leaving until the twins return, then he’s going to take them back to their Dad.

Cult classic

Zac and Leah are investigating the cult.  Zac’s bro says there’s nothing to worry about it but Hannah says it’s serious.  I’d say she’s right, cults are always very sinister in the Bay. I wonder how this one will fare up against the Believers with Saul and Mumma Rose?

Casey is still in hospital and can’t feel anything in his lower legs.  Dr Bradley told him to be patient and await test results but he won’t have any of it and tried to go walking around on his own which led to him lying on the ground doing his trademark crazy eyes face.  Don’t worry about it Casey, you’ll be back surfing by the weekend, these permanent conditions never last in H&A.

Heath is away on honeymoon so it’s up to Brax to hand around and abuse the professionals, telling them they’re not doing their job correctly. It’s usually the younger Braxton down at the cop shop or hospital, going off on one.