What is Hugo at?

Martha is pining after BangBang/BumBum and Hugo is really pushing the “he needs to be with his own people” angle. What’s he at? Maybe HIS INDONESIAN WIFE who just showed up at his and Martha’s house can explain.

Gina is very annoyed with JPIII ever since he fired Romeo. That’ll cool his heels alright, but it’s nothing a surf and a drink won’t fix.

Geoff and Ruby have had their first tiff; he’s being over-protective and she is a big girl who can look after herself. Luckily Uncle Tony was on hand to dole out the only level-headed advice in all of Summer Bay to Geoff. Plus Rachel had a chat to Ruby. The Holden-Armstrongs should open a counselling centre.┬áDan who?

Martha counts her chickens

You have to admire Martha for being an organ donor. Unfortunately in her case it happened to be her brain.

The election results weren’t announced, but Martha took it upon herself to declare that she was indeed the winner. Tony was told to open the champagne. Surely the counting of the votes was a mere formality? Cart before the horse.

So Palmer won and no doubt Gina will get the blame. Colleen accused her of fraternising with the enemy and giving away election secrets. That must have been what cost Martha as her political inexperience and general ignorance of all things couldn’t have cost her in any way.