Weddings, wine and worries

Bianca is planning her wedding with Zac, who she seems to be into all of a sudden. Leah and Irene are dead suspicious. The teachers went back to Bianca’s house to get locked on wine and have a bit of a flirt. They were having a great time until he asked her a question she didn’t want to hear: are you sure he’s the right one for you? Cue an affair with Zac, and Heath getting jilted at the altar if her past record is anything to go by.

Pippa 2 is sick. She had a fit at school and had to be taken to hospital. Sally is worried that the treatment in the US may not work, is it too late for the kid?

Jett copped on that Marilyn is into John and gave her a talking to, she’ll never replace Gina. She’s going to carry on with the business but is going to try and put her feelings to one side after a chat with Roo. Good luck with that Maz.

The wrong person is leaving

It’s hard to get back into the swing of watching H&A every day; in the interim I’d forgotten that Rosie was pregnant, and Maddie was mental.

Handily, Rosie is leaving the Bay. The wardrobe department didn’t even have to worry about pregnancy outfits for her, and the props department didn’t have to root out a baby doll. Her dad is interested in her now, and she is happy to go off and live with him. Is this the same man who left her living alone, with only fish for company?

Maddie warned Sasha that Spencer won’t ever sleep with her.  I wouldn’t be so sure. He’s not gay (as Rosie affirmed), and Sasha is a laugh, as opposed to a moany moany whiner. Sounds like a good match to me.

John Palmer is broke. So broke, that he doesn’t even have a tenner. He’s hiding it from Jett, but won’t take money from Marilyn. Sure, she’s loaded with her triple income from hairdressing, waitressing in the diner, and the odd tarot reading. Hilariously, it was Gina’s funeral that bankrupted John. It must have been some send-off.

Sid is heading off to be a Flying Doctor. I am not impressed. He is a laugh and handy with a scalpel. Indi, Dex and Sasha are sticking around. This could all end in disaster.

Tamara is staying. Argh. She wants to stay with Kyle. Her parents should have taken them both.

In real life, apparently Sally and Leah were on This Morning this morning – did you see them?

Passion on the pier

Sash and Spencer exchanged a pash on the pier. These two have been flirting and skirting around each other for a while now so it’s good they finally got it on. Indi and Harvey were the cupids of this liaison and everybody seems happy with the results, bar Roo who doesn’t want to be the one who breaks it to Maddie; there will be some amount of moaning out of her.

Leah was freaked out in her own house but Irene calmed her down and she went to the gym for a chat with Indi. This set her straight and she returned home to vandalise the wallpaper in her own home. Maybe she could leave the diner and start a redecorating business.

John got his comeuppance courtesy of Marilyn and Jett. They figured out he was playing up and caught him out. Then they all had a great laugh at John’s foolishness, the old scamp. I reckon he’s going to ask her to move in and she will, the boys need a new doormat to attend to their every whim since Gina passed away.

Bad Patient

Mr. John Palmer is in hospital after what can only be described as a Rocky-style test of strength and stamina with Harvey. Jett is very annoyed as John isn’t looking after himself, one of their primary promises to each other after Gina died. Jett has now declared all promises null and void.

Dex had to give Mr. JP a sponge bath. However, later, he found out he passed his exams. You gotta take the rough with the smooth. Young Walker wasn’t impressed with his results, expecting them to be better. Sid pointed out that he’d had a brain injury, so basically, cop on.

Sasha and Spencer have eyes for each other, but due to a number of misunderstandings, they each think the other wants to be just friends. Indi is no longer playing the morose widow and is now matchmaker and schoolie-employer extraordinaire. She wanted someone to cover the gym while she is at Uni, so, eh, she hired Spencer, who will be at school during that time. WTF.