Bucks, bags and Bianca

It was a fairly eventful night in Summer bay what with Bianca’s hen and Liam’s stag. Liam asked Romeo to be his best man which seemed surprising but he doesn’t really have any other friends so it was the only option. Bianca is asking April to be her maid of honour which is fair enough but surprising in the fact it was such an orthodox choice. At her last engagement party she asked Charlie to be her MOH. Given that they had only known each other for about a week, I expected her to ask somebody she’d just met, like the new teacher Henry.

Bianca had her hen’s night in Irene’s house which seemed a strange choice, but there are only so many available venues in the bay. It was all going well when Roo suggested they turf the contents of each other’s bags on the floor. Messy. Then a stripper dressed as a Firie turned up only to leg it when he saw Bianca and Gina there. It turned out he was a ex-Summer-Bay-High student. They didn’t seem too bothered by alumni working as stippers.

Liam’s bash was on in Angelo’s courtesy of Brax. Heath turned up at the bucks night with the rest of the boys. Where were the boys when he was getting intimidated by Geoffrey King? Conspicuous by their absence. Geoffrey is leaving Brax alone now as Leah paid him off. Now Brax owes Leah $25k, all thanks to Heath. He would have been better off paying his brother the money to leave town, then he’d stop costing him money. How long will it be before Brax comes out of mourning and he starts getting it on with Leah?

Ex in the city

Ruby (-Casey) + Morag + the city = a barrel of laughs. She’s out on her own in the big smoke, well, almost on her own. She’s living with Morag in the city and living it up, doing her best to forget about Charlie and move on. Moving on included dumping Casey when he went to visit. She couldn’t even look at him, the poor cratur.

But one heart to heart from Morag and all that changed, she returned to the bay and moved back in with Leah. Morag reckons she needs to sort her head out before she moves on with her life.

Boozed up Brax is hitting rock bottom. He has been given the run around by the new criminal overlord Geoffrey and was made a fool of by trying to tip the cops off about his booze stash. For his next trick, he tried to burn down Angelo’s only for Leah to stop him at the last moment. She subsequently brought him home and watched him puke everywhere. Could have been worse I suppose, he could have chucked up on her like she did on Roman.