Changing times

Sasha is having a hard time adjusting to life without a crush on Casey. Sid told her to get on with things but she won’t listen, the poor love-sick puppy. Sid told his daughter about Casey’s mysterious half-brother Kyle, which he finds a bit far-fetched. Sasha disagreed and she’s right, long-lost relatives are commonplace in the bay. She went to visit Casey in hospital, told him how she feels, and Casey apologised for his behaviour.

Ma Braxton is hanging around, counselling Heath i.e. stirring things up. She stormed over to Irene’s to confront Bianca over the fact that she’s taking care of the funeral details. Bianca was lucky that Irene was in her corner and told Cheryl to sling her hook. I thought Heath and Brax were anti-police but Cheryl takes that to a whole new level, shouting abuse at the sergeant in the hospital which he took with good grace.

The cops are on Casey’s case. Brax was told that they need to find Kyle or else Casey will face further charges related to skipping his bail hearing. Now it’s time for Brax to get all the details on Kyle that he can and track him down. I am somewhat confused in relation to this, didn’t Brax leave Kyle out in the desert? He could be dead by now.

Where is Watson gone?  I miss her and Fitzy.

Dex is struggling to cope with the fact that he can’t help April given all the help she’s given him. Dex’s life has changed and it’s not going back to normal anytime soon. He ended the episode lying on the ground in a heap when April ran off.

Dinner with a girlfriend

Indi was heading out and when Romeo asked where, she said “dinner with a girlfriend”. What girlfriend, Indi? How come Romeo doesn’t know her?

Sasha and Roo are friends again after the date understanding. Romeo and Sid are drinking buddies now. They both think Harvey’s the root of their problems.

April and Xave headed up a protest at the school in an effort to stop the bulldozers. The cops had to step in. They were new cops, not Charlie, or Watson, or even Fitzy. But the demolition was put off by a day. A small victory.


Only today did I realise what I should have called Monday’s blog post: please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.  Alas, it’s too late for that now as the bauld Hammer is little more than the contents of a body-bag. There we must say goodbye to the bay’s most ridiculous villain of all time. I’ll miss Hammer if only for his ludicrous threats and posturing.

Charlie is all a fluster now that she’s been suspended.  I’d say we got about 30% more “Charlie face” than usual.  She’s suspended and needs to go up the coast to get her head sorted. Not only that but she’s copped onto the fact that Brax played her yet again. Why doesn’t she just give up on him? She should go for somebody with a similar IQ to herself?  I think Felix is single.

Casey is trying to put his life back on track by finishing school and getting back with Ruby.  Only problem is that his recent gang activities like burning down Jake’s base, may catch up with him.  Brax reckon’s it’s all sorted, but I’m not so sure.  Brax should try to pin it on Charlie, she’d probably believe him if he tried to persuaded her.

I’ve decided it’s about time that Constable Watson got a nickname.  Following on from the fine tradition of the first sidekick cop, Constable  Lara”Fitzy” Fitzgerald, I can now announce that Charlie’s sidekick will be known as Constable Georgina “Watsy” Watson.  Bonza.

YCPD call for back up

After the surf carnival, things got a bit out of control. The River boys were pissed as they left the carnival. Charlie got hit with a bottle and didn’t know who did it. This made Charlie even more confused than usual. She decided to call in the big guns, that’s right it’s FITZY Wilson!!!

Making a long awaited return to the bay after her maternity leave, she is going to sort this bother out quick smart. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on Fitzy Wilson. Charlie will find it hard to protect Ruby and her River boy boyfriend now.

In other news, Nicole breastfed George even though there were bottles of milk nearby. Colour Marilyn unimpressed.

The River Dicks brought Angelo hunting then pretended they were going to shoot him. Basically trying to frighten the bejesus out of him. Meanies.