Because he’s my father

A new doll showed up at Ethan’s funeral, and after a bad start, Hannah got the whole story out of her. She’s his daughter Denise, but she never met him. New girlfriend material for a Braxton perhaps?

Bianca is home, but her short-term memory is kaput. Nate told Heath to be patient and wait for improvements. Heath is not a naturally patient man.

Nate and Ricky kissed after a day of picnicking and fishing. She is hesitant about a new fling, but will probably be all on for it by the end of the week. Cue much jaw-jutting and staring from Kyle and Casey respectively. Heath, surprisingly, told her it was grand.

Jett is being punished for throwing a house party in Irene’s. John is some man for the discipline. Marilyn got caught helping him on the sly, she is too effin’ nice.

Brain surgery

Boom! That’s the sound of Summer Bay reacting to the Sniper blowing up the hospital.

Bianca and Heath were trapped inside with Nate once the roof collapsed. Bianca had pressure on the brain, what Hugo might refer to as a brain explosion.

Nate said there is nothing for it, I’ll have to drill into her skull to relieve the pressure; she needed that like she needed a hole in the head.  Alf and the orange jumpsuit lads turned up in time to get her out but it’s touch and go whether she’ll be ok.  I love when Alf gets his emergency gear on, you know it’s business time when that happens.


The twins and Kyle are still trapped in the container without oxygen, food or water. Unbeknownst to them and their captors, Ethan was critically injured in the explosion and he won’t be back anytime soon. He croaked it and now nobody knows where the missing children and Kyle are.  Will Zac be able to save them before they resort to eating each other?

You Cult

Evelyn’s video brought the cult crashing down around Murray’s ears. He was marrying the youngsters off to one another; to what end, who knows? The YCPD raided the lodge and put him in a fridge-type-thing on the back of a police van. They also arrested Zac’s lawyer brother, Ethan. He is totally brainwashed. Summer Bay will soon sort him out.

Spencer is in the hospital and away with the fairies. Dr. Accent advised him to go back on his bipolar medication.

Erica Sharpe visited Brax in prison. They had a great chat and she had a good bawl when leaving.

Alf returned to support Roo in her missing husband crisis. She’s disgusted with Marilyn for telling Alf. Gah.

Leah has been studying social work for two weeks, so naturally she was a shoo-in for a job at Summer Bay High. VJ is not impressed.