Tag: Duncan

  • Brax goes soft

    I felt sorry for Hayley. First Brax brings her up to the cliff top to threaten her life. He let her off and she scarpered, running as fast as she could. She had her fill of Braxtons and tried to leave but Heath wasn’t having any of it. He blackmailed her into staying and continuing…

  • You’re going to feel the leather of my belt

    AKA wasn’t Duncan an awful brat?

  • Tasha Andrews

    Do you remember when Tasha used to be a mermaid? She was like Daryl Hanah in Splash . Young Max found her on the beech in the nip and she hopped into the water and swam off after transforming herself into a half-woman half-cod hybrid. Max wished that Alf still had his bait shop so…