Dr. Bradley’s Dastardly Break-Up

Evil Dr. Bradley heard April and Dex gossiping one time too many and now is demanding one of them leave Summer Bay General. Fairly sure she could be done for unfair dismissal there.

Bianca doesn’t want to be known as Mrs. Braxton. Really, she doesn’t want to be in the same category as Cheryl. She’ll come around, though; my money is on her getting a blood and sand tattoo by the end of the week.

No sign of Spencil Hill and his manic behaviour in that episode; he’s off the meds that no-one mentioned since he arrived. Maybe he was climbing Stewart’s Point blindfolded or running to The City, or being generally giddy off-camera.

Ricky coaxed Tamara into visiting Casey in hospital. She did some mighty flirting when she got there. If anyone can get Case into a wheelchair, it’s her.

Brax has inexplicably left the Bay for a while. We know where he’s really gone – on a nightclub tour of Ireland!

Cult classic

Zac and Leah are investigating the cult.  Zac’s bro says there’s nothing to worry about it but Hannah says it’s serious.  I’d say she’s right, cults are always very sinister in the Bay. I wonder how this one will fare up against the Believers with Saul and Mumma Rose?

Casey is still in hospital and can’t feel anything in his lower legs.  Dr Bradley told him to be patient and await test results but he won’t have any of it and tried to go walking around on his own which led to him lying on the ground doing his trademark crazy eyes face.  Don’t worry about it Casey, you’ll be back surfing by the weekend, these permanent conditions never last in H&A.

Heath is away on honeymoon so it’s up to Brax to hand around and abuse the professionals, telling them they’re not doing their job correctly. It’s usually the younger Braxton down at the cop shop or hospital, going off on one.

Casey topless in hospital…

…AGAIN! Mean Dr. Bradley basically said “Not you again”. If only Heath weren’t on honeymoon, he would have sorted her right out. Brax just doesn’t have the same distain for authority.

Casey might be paralysed. If he is, he’ll be shipped off to the Whitsundays a la Seb. I’d say young Braxton will live to bash another day.

Winston is broke. He told Harvey after he nearly poisoned him with a super-hot chilli. Harvey right straight for the little boy’s room. He did a very peculiar run, see:

John Palmer doesn’t like Winston sniffing around Marilyn. Might his true feelings for her finally bubble to the surface? Hmm?

The ghost bus

John, Marilyn and Jett are still trapped in the bush. John headed off to get help from a garage but while Jett and Marilyn were left behind they started talking about Gina and then shazam – the bus started working again. I think the bus is possessed by Gina’s ghost, which should make their tours interesting, if a bit spooky.

Sally is going to take Pippa 2 to the states, against the better judgement of the evil doctor. She had a few more run-ins with April but gave her a lecture where April seemed to take a few points from Dr Bradley. Sometimes doctors have to be tough apparently. She spoke to Tamara and told her it was time she made up her mind on Casey and Kyle, which bro will she go for, “Crazy Eyes” or “Jutting Jaw”?