Bonkers Braxtons

There were many displays of mad Braxton behaviour in today’s episode:

  • Darcy broke her arm, so everyone went to the hospital. I broke my arm when I was 11 and there wasn’t an aunt or uncle in sight.
  • Heath didn’t explain the scenario properly, so Dr. Accent thinks he is bating lumps out of Darce.
  • Brax nearly bashed Casey because he himself doesn’t want to have a baby, thus proving to himself that he’s not a fit father, but in fact, A DOG.


  • The Braxtons were in hospital yet again. I wonder if a month goes by in Summer Bay without a Braxton injury?
Bash interrupted
Bash interrupted

Not much else happened, really. Alf wants to know why Chris called the cops on the Barretts. I’m sure he’ll get the full story shortly.

So…you’re offering me a transfer?

Dr. Accent has the most stilted phone manner. In any case, he was offered a transfer by “Dr. Simon”, just as he is falling for Ricky. She went to visit Brax, and he told her not to visit anymore. Go live your life, sez he. You would think that was the perfect moment for her to announce “Oi, I’m pregnant”, but no. Everyone in Summer Bay is a mega martyr. They are all terrified to burden anyone else with their problems.

So, what will happen next? One of the Boyz will tell Brax about Ricky’s predicament, he’ll have a change of heart, but it will be too late, as Ricky will have taken comfort in the arms of the good Doctor.

There was something about Maddie in that episode, but I can’t be sure what because zzzzzzzzzz…

Storylines in the Bay aren’t very gripping of late. The cult fizzled away to nothing, and even the fact that Harvey is MIA didn’t get much of a reaction. If he really is dead, that’s the worst end to a character I’ve seen. The cops didn’t even call around to inform Roo. Suspicious…

Harvey’s in heaven

It looks like Harvey has graduated from cast member to wall of death member. Roo said that she had to face up to the fact that he’s not coming back. She threw some flower’s into the sea so that’s it for him. Can’t say he was my favourite character but this was one of the funniest moments in years.

Maddy dumped Josh for covering for Andy when she went to report him to YCPD.  Josh dumped his brother for forcing him to cover for him.  Now that he doesn’t have his brother dragging him back he is free to get back with Maddy, which they both seemed happy about.

Ricky got a breakfast time visit from Dr Accent. He offered her half a danish in exchange for an agreement that she come for a check up.  He got her into the hospital for a scan which convinced her that she’s going to have to tell Brax about the baby. Once he finds out about it he’ll probably try to break out of jail so he can be with Ricky and the baby.

Farming and flirting

Hannah, Zac and the kids are going to rent the farmhouse. This is a pretty stupid idea given they have just started kissing, they’re going to try and keep their feelings under control, for the sake of the kids. They’ll have to take lots of cold showers.

Kyle and Ricky went to visit Brax and Kyle tried to tell him about her flirting with Dr. Accent. How long before the two of them get into a full blown affair? Kyle is going to do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen, he’s like a chaperone, coming between them at every opportunity. When they got home Ricky collapsed on the floor. What if she has to be hospitalised and Dr. Accent is the only one who can help her?

Josh and Andy are having problems fitting into the bay, as are most of the Mangrove River students. They were having a great wrestle down on the pier but Maddy spoiled their fun. She’s trying to get him into the Bay way of life but he prefers to hang with his bro, causing hassle and being narky.  Maddy is unimpressed but she just needs patience, he’ll come round sooner rather than later, the spirit of the Bay is infectious.