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  • Jamie is a nutjob

    Jamie is a nutjob

    Jamie is a mentalist. He wrecked the diner after Leah broke it off with him. And now, this….

  • Danger here

    Summer Bay is a dangerous town.  Psychos and the unhinged flock there like migrating birds.  At the present time, two kidnappers are on the go.  One has been caught due to Roman’s super heroics.  Aden surely won’t be far behind. Feckin’ Aden.  I thought he was going to follow the template of crook-kid-come-good but he’s…

  • Looks like we’re getting a new set, boys and girls!

    The diner is caving in on itself. Ah, I liked it though. Now, it’s gone the way of the drop-in centre, and the “palace”. Maybe they’ll build a new fancy eaterie that actually *gasp* serves alcohol. I hope Irene takes her burger-phone with her.