Secrets and lies

The newly returned newlyweds got an unexpected greeting from Marilyn when they arrived at the farm, unexpected for Sid.  He didn’t know what way to look – I’ve already broken up with this woman and here she is pretending she still lives here and we’re still going out.  But now the secret is out in the open, Sid can get back to resuming his attempts to woo Roo.

Another newly single man is Xavier. April unceremoniously dumped him, not revealing her true feelings for Dex, or the fact they had a secret pash. Xav is left feeling foolish and forlorn. His plans of a schoolies trip with the gang are up in smoke. I’m not sure quite what a schoolies trip is but it sounds class. The fact that Gina is dead against it makes me think it would be fun.

April is feeling guilty about not coming clean with Xavier but doesn’t feel the time is right.  How foolish.  Does she not know that her secret will be public knowledge in a matter of minutes? Xav is going to go looking for answers and walk in on the illicit affair, mid pash. I fear that will be more than his limited brain cells can handle.

Happy birthday Charlie

Ruby is in the clear, her sexual health is impeccable. So that means bould Emily infected Romeo. They should have dragged the STD storyline out for ages longer, it would have affected nearly everyone in the Bay.

In today’s episode, it was Charlie’s birthday. Morag has copped on about the Sergeant and Mr. Braxton, so it’ll be out in no time.

Dex went on a date with Summer. It didn’t work out as he only has eyes for April. Xavier likes the look of Summer though, maybe they’ll swap?