Because he’s my father

A new doll showed up at Ethan’s funeral, and after a bad start, Hannah got the whole story out of her. She’s his daughter Denise, but she never met him. New girlfriend material for a Braxton perhaps?

Bianca is home, but her short-term memory is kaput. Nate told Heath to be patient and wait for improvements. Heath is not a naturally patient man.

Nate and Ricky kissed after a day of picnicking and fishing. She is hesitant about a new fling, but will probably be all on for it by the end of the week. Cue much jaw-jutting and staring from Kyle and Casey respectively. Heath, surprisingly, told her it was grand.

Jett is being punished for throwing a house party in Irene’s. John is some man for the discipline. Marilyn got caught helping him on the sly, she is too effin’ nice.

Women’s Health

It’s back, it’s back! Hurrah!

Ol’ Crazy Eyes Braxton is back!

Leah’s gaff is looking well, eh? I’m glad she put the break to good use, unlike some of her compatriots in Summer Bay:

  • Natalie spent it mooning after Brax
  • Brax spent it huffing and puffing and thrashing it out with Ricky
  • Ricky spent it hanging around the Bay even though most of the Braxtons hate her
  • Heath spent it showing off his Darcy Nipple Rocco tattoo
  • Bianca spent it wearing red negligees in front of everyone
  • April spent it trying to cheer up Dex
  • Dex spent it moping because April won’t marry him (yet)
  • Darcy’s granny spent it bringing ominous news…

Did you see Heath on Twotube before the episode? Bet he didn’t know he was talking to fellow soap star Denise from Glenroe!