Beat the teacher

Gina organised a mediation with Mr. Townsend which went well according to Gina but not according to the angry man. He didn’t believe Casey’s apology. The situation wasn’t helped when the boys turned up at his car and threatened to bash it. He was convinced Casey put him them up to it and is determined to press charges which will lead to jail for Casey. The younger Braxton had better get used to bread and water.

Liam continued his romance with junkie lawyer Hayley. She’s clean now but Brax put her off the relationship, telling her to leave town. Liam was unimpressed but maybe he’s better off without her.

Coleen is leaving town and fears that nobody cares. She’s been giving out gifts left right and centre, without much fuss being made by the recipients. Unbeknownst to her, the locals are organising a secret send off to wish her bon voyage. What will Madge Wilkins do without her? Hopefully she’ll turn up on our screens at the going away do.

Dave Townsend

Firstly, Home and Away is back on RTE TWO. Yippee-ki-ay!

Secondly, what about this Dave Townsend character? Swanning into town (I presume), and instantly swiping the Dickhead crown. He’s harangued Casey and threatened Gina. I personally would love to see him get a River-Boys-style beating.

Hayley is still hanging around the Bay, and back on the junk. So Liam is going to help her go cold turkey. Not sure that’s the best idea. In our house, we think Hayley is headed for an early grave.

Dexter and Lottie are the cutest pair since Tasha and Robbie. Should we call them Dottie or

And no mention of the most burning issue in the Bay – WHAT ABOUT COLLEEN’S JUGS?