Cult classic

Zac and Leah are investigating the cult.  Zac’s bro says there’s nothing to worry about it but Hannah says it’s serious.  I’d say she’s right, cults are always very sinister in the Bay. I wonder how this one will fare up against the Believers with Saul and Mumma Rose?

Casey is still in hospital and can’t feel anything in his lower legs.  Dr Bradley told him to be patient and await test results but he won’t have any of it and tried to go walking around on his own which led to him lying on the ground doing his trademark crazy eyes face.  Don’t worry about it Casey, you’ll be back surfing by the weekend, these permanent conditions never last in H&A.

Heath is away on honeymoon so it’s up to Brax to hand around and abuse the professionals, telling them they’re not doing their job correctly. It’s usually the younger Braxton down at the cop shop or hospital, going off on one.


The Dex is awake! No sooner had Sid told April that he might not get better, than Dexter woke up, and pulled the tubes out of his mouth. He didn’t seem to recognise his girlfriend, which leads me to believe that the writers are playing the amnesia card, haven’t seen that one in a while. Dex’s mother never bothered to turn up to visit her son in hospital, what a wagon?

Marilyn managed to organise a funeral for Danny Braxton, not that the Braxton boys gave much of a damn about it. They all turned up, eventually. Casey only came because Natalie guilt tripped him into it. Brax came so that he could reveal the truth about Danny to his younger bro. He told Case that Danny planned to set up his youngest and leave him holing the can for the robbery and murder. His persuasion worked, Casey is going to fight the case, which means he’ll get off.

Danny’s dastardly designs

Danny has poor innocent Casey under his influence. His scheme is coming to fruition and fallout is going to be huge. Casey is getting tight with Ruby and is going to borrow money from her for his road trip with Danny, or so Danny believes. Casey is not quite the fool everyone has him down for. He is in fact a double agent and is keeping tabs on what Danny is at. He let Brax in on his intentions but nobody else knows about his double life. The name’s Braxton, Casey Braxton.

Alf had a chat with Ruby and asked her to move back into Summer Bay house. What is Ruby up to these days? All she seems to do is surf, go for coffee and hang around the caravan park. Charlie’s inheritance means she doesn’t have to work for a living, lifestyles of the rich and foolish.

Harvey is missing Lottie since she went to live with Mel but on the upside he sounds like he’s well up on the latest social media trends and will be able to keep in touch with her. At least the Blaxland is getting upgraded and refitted. How will Roo be able to get him back in good spirits? It might take more than a picnic basket and a bottle of iced tea.

Role reversal

The times, they are a changin’ in chez Brax. For once it wasn’t Heath saying “I stuffed up”, but Brax. His drug deal didn’t go quite as planned and he was left holding the can. You know when Brax is stressed out as he adopts the Brax stance, with his two arms on the counter and leans forward, contemplating the situation with rising ire. Heath was the voice of reason this time, talking his brother down and getting him to approach the Da Brax problem rationally. Maybe they’ll present a united front against the tyranny of Danny Brax.

Harvey and Mel are still fighting over Lottie and she’s sick of it. Us too Lottie, us too.

Bianca got a bit jittery when Darcy started asking questions about her relationship with Heath. Are they going out or what? She nearly called her mother at one stage. I don’t think Bianca is ready to become stepmother just yet. In fairness, she’ll change her mind tomorrow and come around to the idea. In a town of quick decisions and rash judgements, Bianca takes the biscuit.