So…you’re offering me a transfer?

Dr. Accent has the most stilted phone manner. In any case, he was offered a transfer by “Dr. Simon”, just as he is falling for Ricky. She went to visit Brax, and he told her not to visit anymore. Go live your life, sez he. You would think that was the perfect moment for her to announce “Oi, I’m pregnant”, but no. Everyone in Summer Bay is a mega martyr. They are all terrified to burden anyone else with their problems.

So, what will happen next? One of the Boyz will tell Brax about Ricky’s predicament, he’ll have a change of heart, but it will be too late, as┬áRicky will have taken comfort in the arms of the good Doctor.

There was something about Maddie in that episode, but I can’t be sure what because zzzzzzzzzz…

Storylines in the Bay aren’t very gripping of late. The cult fizzled away to nothing, and even the fact that Harvey is MIA didn’t get much of a reaction. If he really is dead, that’s the worst end to a character I’ve seen. The cops didn’t even call around to inform Roo. Suspicious…

I want to be friends with Dex on Facebook

Dex and the Doc are engaged; he couldn’t contain himself and posted the news on Facebook before they had a chance to tell anyone in person. April wasn’t too pleased but got over it quickly enough. However, when Dr. Weird Accent wasn’t overly enthused about the subject of marriage, she questioned their decision a bit. Expect more will-they-won’t-they, until they finally do.

Josh is in a bad way in the hospital but he has Actual-Good-Nurse Hannah looking after him, and Ricky hovering nearby, so he should be right.

Spencer delivered Evelyn’s note to Oscar. In it, she warned Oscar not to let Spencer go on the retreat. She could have just told him that in person. Anyway, the discovery weekend is coming up, and Evelyn is guest of honour. Another cult-lady told her it was terrible, but wouldn’t divulge what went on. Evelyn is too young to have watched H&A in the good old cult days of Saul and Mumma Rose, so she doesn’t know creepy cults = teenage pregnancies. Here’s hoping Hannah, Zac and Oscar save the day (and buy her a new wardrobe).


Casey is still in hospital, topless. The legs aren’t up to scratch yet but that will be remedied before too long. Tamara was worrying about him, so Kyle selflessly acknowledged the bond between her and Braxton the Younger, and advised her to visit her mate at Summer Bay General. However, he didn’t expect her to stay there all night; now he’s suss that her feelings for Casey are bubbling to the surface again. I personally would like them all to be in a couple, Crazy-Eye Casey, Jutting Jaw Kyle and Great Hair Tamara. That would be a riot.

Zac went to visit his bro and the kids at the cult. It was all very sinister; the background music should have tipped him off that something wasn’t right. His niece loves the cult but his nephew’s not so sure so Zac schlipped him his phone number. Cue an escape.

Irene and Chris are still blueing. He is an inconsiderate thick who cannot understand rules. If there is anyone who can put him on the straight and narrow, it’s Irene (girlie).

Cult ag teacht

YESSSS there’s a new cult in town; Zac’s sister (is she?) showed up and pleaded with him to help her rescue some other family members*. DEADLY.

In other news, wee Pip nearly got a tear out of me when she was talking about Summer Bay being her home. Pity she’s a goner.



* I was half-watching, half-playing Plants vs Zombies, so I can’t be sure.