Courtney is an amazing rubbish baddie, cast in the Summer Bay mould that also begot Johnny and Hammer. Casey has a vendetta against him, and got stabbed in a big bad-boy bash-up. Casey just has no luck.

Tilda told Gina that she bullied Jett because she fancies him. Gina must have spent the morning in a ditch, on the batter, because she believed Tilda. Poor form, Gina.

Indi and Romeo’s gym was about to open, and they were juggling meetings like old pros. But when Sid called around for a look, the fuses blew and the power went out. Time to get a sparky in. John Palmer had a go, and almost set the place on fire. The power in Angelo’s was also affected; Liam couldn’t even open the till to nick some cash.

Brax spilled his guts to Natalie, and she knocked him back. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

Get it out!

“If you have anything in your lungs, get it out!” as John Palmer said to Rosie and Sasha. Casey saved them from the surf after Rosie’s mental dash into the water. Lucky for them he was around. Sasha covered for her mate but that could be the end of their friendship. She handed back the necklace that Rosie gave her, she’s had enough and I don’t blame her. Rosie is far too intense and a bit psycho. Sash told Nat about the incident so she had word with the young wan, who denied everything. I think the lady doth protest too much. Rosie is going insane on her own. Nat wants her to move in with a foster family, how about Roo and co in the caravan park?

Casey is very blase about his problems on the inside with Courtney and Jamie. Brax tried to get him thinking about his plans for jail but Casey just wants to play it by ear as he has experience there, unlike his elder bro. He doesn’t want any protection from Zack anymore as he doesn’t reckon it’s working out. He thinks that Zack was only helping Casey so he could get back with Nosey Nat but they denied it. Brax told Casey to ask Zack for help if he needed it, no point in letting his bother’s problems getting in his own way.

Tamara needs a place to live so she asked Brax to write a letter of recommendation so she could get a lease on a new property. She’s having problems with Kyle so she suggested they just stay out of each other’s way. Kyle is such a reformed character that he offered his room to Tamara, saying that he’d take the couch. Cosy.