Bad boy boat trip

Jamie is a brilliant pathetic baddie. He nicked Jett’s phone, quizzed Colleen about Leah, and texted Veej while pretending to be Jett. JP found the phone in Jamie’s car and confronted him. Jamie was like a deer in headlights; if it wasn’t for Heath’s experience in counter-threats, John would have dragged Jamie down the cop shop.

Adam got Liam to hire a boat for Jamie. What a weird request to make. But Jamie is supposed to kill Heath on the báid, so maybe Adam doesn’t want it traced back to him. It was the worst blackmail effort ever (Do as I say or I’ll get Bianca back on drugs), but it worked.

April’s going to med school. Does that mean she’s leaving soon?

Colleen continues to be brilliant. I thought that Sally would be back for Roo’s wedding, wonder when she’ll appear?

Wedding Day in Summer Bay

Wow, who would’ve thought Roo and Harvey would actually get hitched, considering their blue yesterday? Probably everyone.

Roo looked lovely, and her dress was slightly less baggy than her usual attire.

But let’s get down to discussing the major event in that episode. Hooroo! Colleen returned, resplendent in a Stars and Stripes shawl. She hasn’t changed a bit. Here’s hoping she sticks around for a while. She also spoke a classic Colleen phrase, “your ship will come home to roost”.

Casey kissed Tamara on the beach, in full view of Sasha. Then he looked very confused. He’s so simple.


So, Romeo and Indi were getting on like a house on fire, once he drunkenly told her there was never a baby. “Come on back to my house Romeo”, she declared. Dr. Sid was wary.

Ruby saw the ex-marrieds on beach being very friendly, and threw a mickey fit. She’s great at tantrums. She accused Indi of being the cause of all her troubles, and Indi said something along the lines of “I’m sorry I created your fake pregnancy”. You’d know she was college-educated, that Walker one. Brax broke up the blue and gave Ruby a very sensible talking-to.

Later, in the Walker house, Romeo tried to kiss Indi, and she surprisingly kicked him out.

Brax and Liam had a little power struggle, and then a love-in. “You’re my top bloke”, sez Brax. Liam is back working at Angelo’s.

There have been a few references to both Charlie and Colleen over the last few episodes. I think memories are improving down Summer Bay way.

It’s at times like this I wish Charlie was still around, with her one expression.

H is for…

…hooroo, a word most beloved of Colleen Smart. Come back Colleen!


How about you Have a go?