Martha’s electric career and other weirdness

Why did Martha give up plumbing being an electrician? I would imagine it’s a fairly lucrative career in a town without any tradesmen. Certainly much more lucrative than working behind a bar or around a pole.

Jazz seems to be collecting teenage friends. First Mattie, now Nicole. Still, you can hardly blame her when the alternative is Leah.

Morag is a total hellraiser these days, not to mention a rollercoaster of emotion. She gave Colleen a fine tongue-whipping before retreating to her lair to cry her dragon tears.

Irene must be minted at this stage. Every second meal served up in Summer Bay seems to be at the diner. Thank goodness it reopened or there would have been a famine.

Did you hear Kane is coming back? Perhaps he and Morag could have an anger-off.

I am Colleen Smart; I am a Bay identity

Colleen is so easily swayed.  I bet if someone had told her "Here, kill Sam", she’d do it.

The new diner is looking posh.  Sally’s probably on her way home from Singapore as we speak to have a nose around.

The sisters Stewart

Colleen and Morag are the greatest comedy double act since Laurel and Hardy. Their sparring was entertaining before but the fact that they are related has taken the humour potential to a whole new level. Today’s episode was typical of this when we saw Colleen stick her nose in with the police, trying to help Martha, only to make matters worse when she told the detective her gossip. She was suitably contrite when Morag admonished her well meaning meddling.

On a different note, how long before Morag rekindles her love affair with the hot shot detective? Their verbal sparring lit up the room when Morag tried to undo Colleen’s earlier message. It reminded me of the chemistry between Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

Flamin’ Nora!

Just as I was getting over the fact that Morag is a regular whiz with a pool cue, up pops Colleen with the news that she’s the Stewarts’ sister! Strewth.

If she’s their sister though, how come they don’t do that unusual bobbing up and down when they get animated?

colleen bouncing up and down

(picture from
animation by

By the by, Colleen’s on MySpace now.

(So is Johnny , Jack , Tony , Alf , Amanda , Dani , Rocco Cooper , Vinnie , the Stalker , Morag the Awesome , Irene , Sally , Leah , Matilda , Little Pippa , Barry Hyde , and oh, bleedin’ millions of others.)