Darcy nipple Rocco

Is Chris the Iago of the Bay? He’s managed to set Maddy and Spencer against each other, convincing each that the other person is mad with them. The gullible pair fell for his lies unsurprisingly. Roo said enough is enough and it was time to interfere; they set them up on a picnic so they could sort things out. They chatted and realised that Chris set them up, the fools. All sorted now anyway, well done Roo and Harvey. They told Chris to shove it until he sobbed about having too much expectations from the oldies, so Spencer told him to stick around, which he’s going to do. Can’t say I’m too happy about that, he’s a pretty annoying character.

Sasha is being a good mate to Rosie but it’s a tough burden for her young shoulders. She needs to see a counsellor but is unwilling to do so. April suggested that she talk to Bianca given that she was “attacked” before. Rosie’s solution was to get pizza and have a girls night, which isn’t quite the same thing but a start I suppose.

Heath is coming up with a new plan to get custody of Darcy. He needs to get a DNA test to show that he is the father but they need Connie to agree to it, which will be tough going. Heath is now great mates with Zac after they punched and made up on Friday. He’s the brains of the operation as he managed to convince Heath not to put in false allegations against Connie. Heath got a new tattoo that says “Darcy nipple Rocco”, but he’s going to leave his daughter be with Connie for now, she can come to look for him when she’s ready.

Stewart the slave driver

Alf is training Maddy for Surf-life saving and he’s not going easy on her. He has her running sprints and saving the pretend corpse of a dead man. She’s not his best student ever but she’s very eager. Then Spencer and his bro returned from their trip away and Harvey is worried about the bad influence Chris is having. They seem to have come up with something while they were away, but he’s not being clear on what it is. Maddy made breakfast arrangements with Spencer but then he blew her off by not turning up for it. Harvey is very curious, nay suspicious. He confronted Chris about his motives but didn’t get any straight answers. Maddy asked Spencer what’s going on and he said he needs to go home and asked her to go with him. What’ll she do now?

Indi is now running the gym and she doesn’t want Casey involved. Romeo promised him the job but Indi says things have changed now. Casey is forlorn as he was depending on the gym job but then Sid told him to go easy on her as Romeo has gone away to die. She wants to do things her way even though Sid asked her to keep Casey on as she needs help. She relented after giving him the third degree, making sure he didn’t know anything about Romeo leaving. She’s running the gym with an iron fist, she’s a strong leader like Stalin. Chris had a workout at the gym and then decided to ask Indi out on a date. She said no, but in a not now way, rather than not ever. Then she asked Casey to help her throw out all of Romeo’s stuff. Sid asked her to hold off but she’s not having any of it, he’s getting the flack for not revealing her husband’s illness. Doctor in the doghouse.