Summer Bay’s Sexiest…

…is the name of a series of episodes, currently on Channel 5 at 6:30 (and Channel 5 + 1 at 7:30). Roo the Ledgebag lived up to her (his?) name and let us know.

Today’s episode was Aden and Belle’s wedding. Ah it was gas, look.

Terrible dress
Simpleton No. 1
Simpleton No. 2
Ruby’s hair confounds Morag
Not really living up to the name

Tea bags and tofu

“I don’t want to marry you” was how April greeted Dexter’s pending proposal. She loves him too much to get married apparently. What’s the rush anyway, is what Indi and Sid were asking him, sure they have loads of time before the need to settle down.

Indi wishes she hadn’t gotten married to Romeo so young. She says it put extra pressure on their relationship and cost them a year, when they broke up, and she’d do anything to have that time back again. He’s still alive and out there now, I wonder if he’ll make a reappearance before he snuffs it? Maybe he’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the beach, riding phantom waves every morning.

Marilyn is moving out of John’s after Roo and Harvs staged an intervention. They told her that she was getting too close to John, again. There is no reason for her to still be living there, given that his back is better now. She moved back into the Caravan Park so they had better stock up on tea bags and tofu.

Casey is on the jar because Tamara left him. He should head off to Sid’s ditch and drink himself into next week, or head to Angelo’s and drink five shots like Brax did when Charlie died.

Gaeilgeoirs in the Bay

Friend of my heart, sez Charlie, when she saw Brax’s Irish tattoo. It turns out she’s been attending Irish classes in the afterlife, with Peig Sayers and Miley from Glenroe. “Go back to Ricky”, arsa Charlie, agus chuaigh sé.

What about the gúna on Charlie though? Desperate yoke. There must be an abundance of fabric in the Home and Away wardrobe department or something, huge dresses are all the rage.

Ricky should get a job in the hospital, whispering life back into the dying. How will this pair reconcile their differences, and how will Ricky get back into The Boize’s good books?

Spenca are keeping their new romance under wraps for the mo. Militant Maddie has a cause now anyway, she’s going to fight the injustice that is Bianca’s demotion.

sad brax
Sad Brax
Saintly Charlie
Saintly Charlie

Casey’s out

Now, what happened there? Not a whole lot really.

Tamara was discharged from hospital, under the watchful eye of Kyle B. Casey got out of jail on account of the real baddie being caught, so Kyle broke the news to him that Tamara remembers nothing. Casey did some staring.

Ghost Charlie was knocking around again, but still only in Brax’s brain, while Sid was going at him with the electric paddles. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Brax was possessed by Ghost Charlie, and joined YCPD as Officer Brarlie?

If Brax does COME BACK TO US, I can’t see him bring too interested in Ricky after being in the loving embrace of Ghost Detective Charlotte Buckton. Unless the copper selflessly tells him to do so.