Sly one April

April has finally come to her senses, shaken off the River Boy, and realised Dex is the man for her. She elbowed her way into Dex and Lottie’s rock hunt, pretended to sprain her ankle, and told Nurse Walker she loves him. I hope she means it this time, the changeable wench!

The scriptwriters are having a great laugh with Harvey. This week alone they’ve invented a rigged election and a dead son, none of which he told Roo about, until he had to. Actually ,Sid told her about the dead son. Just call him Sid Smart. No-one in that town can keep their mouth shut.

So, what will Harvey’s next invented past storyline be? Maybe he pole-danced with Martha, or people-smuggled with Hugo? Perhaps he and Rhys were workout buddies, or he went to art class with Hayley. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, does this mean Alf will be appointed to council? That would change the Bay forever (again)!

Dun dun DUN!

Hurray, Home and Away madness is back! Today’s episode started with the ominous title “Six months ago”, and a shady figure having a great oul’ laugh at Alf on that documentary where he laments the hoons who’ve ruined his town. Fast forward to the present day and there’s a strange new character at the diner chatting up Irene. Strewth. He seems to be a new love interest for Nicole (at least those are her intentions) but I bet he’s going to CHANGE THE BAY FOREVER.

That aside, there’s a “sexy” love triangle going on between Gina, John and Jill. Very alliterative. Jill wants John, John wants Gina but will make do with Jill, and Gina’s not sure if she wants John, but she definitely doesn’t want Jill to have him. Romeo’s on Gina’s side, apparently she’s like a mother to him. Phew.

Changed the Bay FOREVER

Ha, that was gas.  A documentary within a soap.  Who was the hard-bitten and slightly dashing journo who landed in Summer Bay in the aftermath of THE RIOT?  His boss was fairly bossy.  I thought his first cut of the doco (they must be called docos in Oz?) was grand.

Anyway, apparently the Bay is now forever changed because a few residents are pissed off due to the riots and the torching of the diner.  I dare say they’ll be over it in a few episodes. That’s the way things are done down Summer Bay way.  Or will that be the change?  That the SB time warp has been perpetually altered and now trauma recovery times, pregnancies and marriages will actually be a decent length?

Alf Stewart is Summer Bay.  That’s what the journo said.  He worked hard to get Alf’s slant on things and by Irwin did he get it.  Alf let rip, condemning flamin’ hoons and admitting that his trust in his fellow Aussies had been dashed.

Leah’s in bits too.  Ok, her fella was bashed and her workplace destroyed but she seems to have lost the will to live.  Maybe she’s just missing Veej.