There are a load of dickheads coming out of the woodwork at Summer Bay High, one of whom gave Sasha a fierce kick to the ankle. There’s also a strange nervy girl who seems scared of everything, who will probably dob the bullies in eventually.

Sasha received a load of emails with “Killer” in the subject line. Once she gets the all-clear from the YCPD, she should start threatening them all and playing up to that nickname. ¬†Apparently everyone loved Stu and now they’re very angry that he’s gone.

Gina was on the verge of making up with John when she saw Darryl “Brax” Braxton giving him money. Dammit.

Indi and Romeo managed to repair their relationship though. I hope Romeo can control himself at the surf comp. Ruby is pretty alluring with her crazy hair and clothes.

Where the eff are the rest of the Boys? There used to be a load of them knocking about on the beach and in the surf club. Now it’s just the Braxtons.