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  • Out of action

    Out of action

    We have suffered a terrible bereavement here at Home and Away Ireland HQ (worse than the Braxtons), so we may be out of action for some time. Thanks for understanding.

  • Bye bye Big Daddy

    Phoebe’s da tried to cross the Braxtons, and paid the price big-style. He called the cops to check out the Boyz, but they found nothing and Pheebs was mega-peeved. She said good luck, Da, and don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. John and Marilyn are obsessed with Jett.…

  • Catching up

    Catching up

    Sure, they look like locals already!

  • Oi, you goose

    Heath must have been reading Enid Blyton lately, if his choice of insult is anything to go by. The Braxtons still have not figured out who set Casey up. Ricky confessed to Kyle that there’s a greater power at play, but didn’t tell him who it is. Kyle will tell Brax, but only at the…

  • Alf the tax dodger

    It’s all cash-in-hand down the bait shop; Spencer got a tax-free job there. Hope Alf doesn’t have the Aussie Revenue coming after him. Roo and Harvey annoyed the truth out of Maddie and Spencer. They ran away because………their parents didn’t want them going out. Worst reason ever. At least the Braxtons are providing a bit…

  • 25 years a-flamin’

    Happy birthday to Home and Away! It’s 25 years today since it first aired. Back then, Alf was but a nipper, and Gawd hadn’t saved Ireland yet. Tell us what your favourite H&A moments are in the comments! My personal favourites are Saul’s cult (I said cult), and most recently, Sid in the ditch. Milco…