Back in action

Quadruple Casey madness

The World Cup may not be over, but normality has been slightly restored with the return of our Summer Bay buddies. Here’s a refresher:

  • Casey’s still sulking about being half Braxton, half Barrett. He also received a Union Jack hat in the post from yer wan in England. He’ll be taking another trip across the water shortly, so. On Brax’s advice, he’s organized a pow-wow with Big Mammy Braxton, wherein he plans to confront her about her daddy-concealing ways.
  • Tamara remembered that it was Zac’s car that hit her. Zac gave himself up to the poh-lice, and Oscar is wracked with guilt over his favourite uncle taking the blame for his own heinous crime. Evelyn is very calm about it all. Sociopath! Also, Hannah got Andy to bash the dints out of the car, making everything even more suspicious.

A very Braxton thing to do

  • Fighting a man from your hospital bed?
  • Unsure of your parentage?
  • Keeping secrets unnecessarily?
  • Topless 50%+ of the time?
  • Use the word “Oi” excessively?
  • Work intermittently?
  • Swan into and out of jail for a crime you didn’t commit?

Congratulations, you’re a Braxton!

Sasha needs a gaff

Sid has decided that since Dex and April, and Indi, are leaving town, the farm should be rented out. Sensible. However, this renders Sasha homeless, so Sid wants to take her with him to live the life of a Flying Doctor. Sasha is not impressed. Who will take her in? Or, seeing as this is Summer Bay, the question should probably be: who won’t?

Dex and April are getting married tomorrow. That is some speedy wedding.

Tamara, single for one day, tried to talk Casey into resuming their relationship. Tsk. He had the good sense to say no.

Casey is going to take on the gym. It’s going to be called Braxton’s Bulging Biceps.


Great Scott

Heath waited until the altar to tell Bianca about his indiscretion. She responded with an open palm, and knocked him out. She will make a great Braxton.

Jett and Casey enlisted Kyle, to serenade Nina with an apology-ballad. It worked wonders. Maybe Heath should do the same.