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  • Safe house

    Safe house

    Brax just cannot help himself. If there is a problem to be fixed, he can’t ignore it for long. He gave Andy money from Angelo’s, as a loan, to pay off the dealers. Andy disappeared and now there are angry dealers and an angry Kyle to put up with. The newest Braxton is not impressed…

  • Oi…we’re brothers

    Poor oul’ Casey is doing it tough. He’s so cut up about not being a son of The Dog, that he literally cut himself up. He got the tattoo sliced right off his back. And him topless 50% of the time! Brax found him in a shivering heap and called Dr. Nate to the gym…

  • Catching up

    Catching up

    Sure, they look like locals already!

  • M is for…

    Now, what aussie word can I think of that starts with the letter m? Not too flippin’ many, anyway. Our Aussie consultant suggested muck-up day. Fairly self-explanatory I reckon. Kelso would call it “prank day”. Now, you have a go!

  • Bad boy 4 life

    Guess who’s back? It’s only Johnny Cooper, the Bay’s baddest ever bad boy. He got a present of the boxed set of Prison Break for Christmas and managed to escape from jail after watching them all. Once free, he decided to make straight for the Bay to tell them the good news. Unfortunately, Brad had…

  • Women’s perogative

    What is Sally at? Brad is waiting at the alter for her and she changes her mind. She’s some wagon.