Tamara taken…

…and I wish they’d friggin’ keep her. Adam’s grand plan is coming to an end, still don’t know what the climax will be though. He keeps just saying BRAX WILL DIE. Yeah right, Ads, we all know Blood and Sand will prevail.

I don’t know what Ricky’s at either. She told Brax the boogeyman is making her do all the bad stuff. Another yeah right for you Ricky – why would you be afraid if you don’t know who’s threatening you? Ah Darryl, Darryl Braxton, open your eyes.

Ricky is joining the hostage hootenanny over at Ads’s house. He’s not letting any of those Sheilas go until Brax shows up to claim them. OI.

April got her dream placement, which sadly, is as Sid’s sidekick. Expect loads of doctor breaks in the ditch with bottles of whiskey, Ms. Scott. Dex is uneasy about the scenario as their relationship has been forged anew. I hope he can refrain from romancing while on duty.



I’ll call the DOCS Sheila

Everyone is rallying around John and Jett. Roo and Marilyn are organising the funeral, Brax is hosting the wake, Alf’s calling the DOCS Sheila, and Officer Xavier Austin rolled into town. Bandicoot won’t be at the funeral as he’s too upset.

Indi was pretty upset when she heard the news and then had to face Xavier. Casey consoled her. It looks like they will end up together, which is RIDICULOUS. I bet that as soon as they become a couple, Romeo will show up. At least it’ll leave the way clear for Tamara and Kyle to leave the Bay and never return, thank you.

Ricky is being very very very suss. She is demanding Brax’s attention, and then scarpering when she gets mysterious texts. Darryl is wise to it and won’t put up with it for too long. BLOOD AND SAND.

Boize Night

It was Casey’s last night in the Bay as a free man (maybe), so the Brothers Braxton decided to show him a good time. By getting pizzas, cans, and playing video games all night, followed by an early morning, tatts-out swim. Then Brax got the call that the verdict was in…

Romeo and Dex had their own, less raucous, boys’ night down the hospital. Romeo made up an unlikely story, but the Walkers and April bought it. The doc couldn’t find the cause of Dex’s seizure, so that’s that, until Sid and Indi find out and go bananas.

Bianca went to visit Rocco’s grave. Shortly afterwards, Irene asked her, “Will you be ok now, girlie, bub, gawd save Ireland?”. Expecting some speedy grief resolution there, Irene.

You were a mistake

That was a fine episode, in the vein of the mad old Home and Away episodes of yore. Casey suffered in the desert (ok, bush) at the hands of Kyle, his evil half-brother. A childhood fable led Brax to him, but not before Casey was visited upon by a mysterious maiden who, apparently, was just out for a walk, miles from anywhere. This maiden injured Kyle by blowing up his Ute. However, despite being two feet from a massive explosion, Kyle was alright, and ran off. Brax and Nat were alerted to Casey’s location, and Nat played nursemaid, while Brax took off on foot to avenge his brother. Amazing.

I have some questions:

  • Was that girl real?
  • How long will be it be before Kyle comes good?
  • Does Kyle have a Blood and Sand tattoo or an All or Nothing one?

Also, Indi and Romeo whined at each other again. Sweet sufferin’ succotash.