Rosie raped

Rosie was raped by “Mullens”, after a pash in his car. She went straight to Sasha, who should be the town counsellor instead of Natalie. After a face-off with Mullens, who seems to think he did nothing wrong, they went to the police. There are no local characters down the cop shop anymore, so maybe her case will be handled correctly. Fingers crossed.

Sid told Sash and Dex about Romeo. Dex told April. It’ll spread like wildfire.

In his grief, Dex managed to score his nurse mate. He told April that being friends wasn’t working out, and that they should avoid each other. She’s not impressed.

Spencer took off with his brother, who so boring I can’t remember his name. Harvey is mega-worried. He sees Spencer as a reincarnation of his dead son Ben, not literally, but he likes having a son figure about. It’s gas how Maddie and Spencer arrived about a month ago, and now Harvey says he doesn’t know what he’d do if Spence left. Ah, relax.

Maddie is taking up life-saving, with Jett. Will there be a near-drowning incident?

Gina took some tablets for a headache. No-one in the Bay ever has minor ailments. Also, the Palmer family is a bit too happy. They’ve almost adopted Jett.

Natalie’s fella (who is also so boring I can’t remember his name) wants a job from Gina, but his crim record is getting in the way. Sickener, Teach.


P.S. Dr. Sid tweeted us!

Lottie who?

There was a whole lotta Lottie talk in that episode, but she never appeared. Mel wants her back, and revealed that Haaavey was locked when the young lad died. She’ll tell all in court, if it comes to it. Haaaavey will have to ‘fess up to Lottie first.

Poor Casey, the best of the Braxtons, doesn’t know who to trust. His da is behaving very creepily around all females, plus it’s now common knowledge that Brax is trying to pay back Danny’s 50 large. Perma-bashed Brax met a dodgy dude in a car, and is about to take part in something equally dodgy. Drugs or theft or just plain show-bashing?

Casey very strangely told Ruby to stay close and keep trusting him. WTF?