River Boys and Capulets

Chris is still down the gym flirting with Indi. She roped the single April into helping her out at the gym and Chris got a new target for his affections. April is single and back on the scene, Indi tried to set her up with Chris but she wasn’t impressed with his banter. I can’t help but feel he’s a bit of a sleaze and they should both steer clear of him.

John is worried that his adoption application will suffer now that he’s making it on his own without Gina. John made sure to tell Jett about his concerns, or at least he had plans to but chickened out at the last second. They are doing Romeo and Juliet as part of their school play, with Romeo as a River Boy and Juliet as a Summer Bay girl. It’s not too long since Romeo and Annie were playing the leads before she went to Japan.

Ricky is up to something, she transferred 100k from the business account to Connie Callaghan’s account, Darcy’s granny. Kyle is getting suss but Ricky told him keep his own council, Brax has a lot on his mind, managing a Braxton business is not that straight forward.

From the vaults: KISSES HURT SO MUCH!!!!!

CLASS song!

So, when were you going to tell me you were leaving?

In grand oul Summer Bay tradition, Elijah tells Leah he’s leaving, on his leaving day. Like so many before him, (Geoff, Annie, and so on) the Rev is only dying to get out of town. He’s going to Another Parish. He had a hooley on the beach before he left, and cleared up any stray plotlines while he was at it. See ya later, Rev.

Leah told Brax a barefaced lie when she said she wasn’t interested in him. The truth will come out in the wash.

Liam went MENTILE at Eddie and smashed his guitar. All because Eddie nicked Liam’s lyrics. Fair enough, I thought. The bauld Eddie is denying all culpability, however. What’s that about? What is he playing at? Is he someone’s long-lost relative or something?

April caught Casey and Henri having a secret after-hours pash in Angelo’s. Knowing her capacity for keeping secrets, the whole Bay will know before long.

Sasha the Bashed Basha is going on trial “tomorrow”. This will be good. I hope Morag features heavily.



Oh my goodness, would Rachel and Tony ever EFF OFF?  This saga has been going on for yonkers in Home and Away terms.  Now Rachel has slyly invited Lucas home in the hopes that he’d convince Tony that in America, the streets are paved with gold.  Tony rightly thought that Rachel was being a domineering wagon.  Meanwhile the only thing that the audience cares about is – is Lucas going to be played by the same actor as previously?

Poor Romeo was scared to tell Indy he is a virgin.  I personally can’t believe he never took it to the next level with Annie – NOT.

Dexter stood in for his da on a date with Marilyn.  She wasn’t too impressed but then he was being a weirdo stalker.

Penn told Nicole a load of horse manure about his childhood and now they are friends again.  We didn’t get to hear what his big secret was; no doubt it will be revealed in a shocking manner shortly.