Courtroom drama-rama

We watched two episodes in a row there. Two DEADLY episodes.

Creepy Jamie sent Leah a picture of herself sleeping; she went nuts so Liam got the Guards. The worst cop of all time showed up to investigate. He basically told Leah he didn’t believe her, and it was her own fault for sleeping with Jamie. Come back Jack, all is forgiven.

So, Leah and Veej shipped out, they’re going on an extended holiday. It seems if your soap-ma gets pregnant, it means no wages for you while she’s on maternity leave. No wonder Veej wants to stay in the Bay with his mates.

Casey’s trial is in full swing. He had a panic attack at the start, but Kyle and Tamara saved the day by sticking up for him. Kyle obvs wants to be one of The Boize.

However, things took a nosedive when Nosey Nat took the stand. She revealed Casey’s anger management problems, so now his chances of freedom look slim.

The prosecution missed a trick not getting Angry Teacher to take the stand.

angry teacher with a bloody nose

Lisa’s husband is looking for her; he’s locked Indi in Angelo’s. There are too many creepy weirdos in the Bay at the moment.

Marilyn is dying to be Roo’s maid of honour, while Harvey has no mates to be groomsmen. He’ll probably ask his sworn enemy, Romeo.

Anger management

Casey fell for Mr. Townsend’s provocation which wound up in him being taught a lesson, river boy style. He called Henri a tart, which Casey didn’t appreciate and punched him right on his schnoz. This was only going to end one way really. The angry teacher riles the angry student leading to a bashing. It must be about time that Casey leaves school again, he does so every other week.

angry teacher with a bloody nose

Other than that, Coleen was going on about her jugs, they were man handled. Dex did some exercise on the beach with Xavier to impress Lottie, who doesn’t go for the macho man look. April’s still pining after Dex, muscles or otherwise. Jet is under investigation by the cops. Sasha is going to counselling in the school with a very chilled out new counsellor. Just a normal day in the bay.