Judgement day

Romeo and Dex are having a hard time, remembering which lies they told when trying to cover up his trip to the hospital. Pretty stupid move by them given that their respective girlfriends are far smarter than they are. Romeo is worried about Dex so decided to tail himself and April to the diner. The ladies are suss, especially Indi, Romeo can’t lie to save his life. Dex felt guilty and fessed up about the whole thing which April freaked at. His dishonesty and attempts to protect her has backfired in a big way.

Casey’s trial jury has reached a verdict. They pronounced him not guilty of murder, he got off on self defence, but he was found guilty of armed robbery. The judge gave him a good behaviour bond, so no jail for Casey. The Braxtons are over the moon, understandably, except for Kyle. He’s feeling dum about his da, the dog. Heath took him up to the graveyard. The two brothers bonded over the fact that their Dad didn’t give a damn about them. So far so good until Watson and Constable John turned up in Angelo’s to arrest Kyle for kidnapping Casey. Another trial?

Natalie, sporting a lovely waistcoat, is happy that the trial is over as she can get it back on with Brax now. Sasha is happy about her fella but she wants Tamara “the desert girl” to leave town, having a love rival on the scene doesn’t sit well with her.

Sid is worried about Lisa, she hasn’t been responding to his texts. He doesn’t know that she’s made up with her mental hubbie, Neil. Sid should go round there and check on her himself.

Cop out

Charlie’s funeral went off without a hitch, well there was the small problem of her boyfriend not being there. Brax couldn’t make it as he was busy lashing into the old sea dog rum in Angelo’s. He did turn up to Leah’s later to go off at Ruby for turning off the life support machine. Ruby hit back by saying how Brax coming into Charlie’s life was the worst thing to ever happen to her. Ouch. She did have a point though, he cost Charlie a lot.

Morag turned up for the funeral and told Ruby how proud of her she was. Rubes is still heading to the city with Casey, wait scratch that, he’s not going now. He was disturbed by Brax’s diatribe and said he had to stay in the bay for his bro. Rubes is going to be flying solo in the city.

Sasha and Xav seem to be getting on well these days. I know she’s 15 but what age is he now, 18? I wonder what he’s going to do next? He had talked about going backpacking round the world for a year which would be cool but it’s hard to see what other careers might be open to him. Maybe he could turn evil and take over the boys who’ve lacked leadership since Brax took early retirement. Otherwise he’ll have to settle for a job in the surf club, Angelo’s or the bait shop.There aren’t many options for a young male school leaver in the bay.

Farewell Nicole & Angelo

I’ll miss Nicole and Angelo. Don’t think I can say the same for baby George as I haven’t had as much time to get to know him. They had some good storylines in fairness. What about the time Nicole trying it on with holy Geoff? Who can forget the time that Angelo shot his colleague Jack? How we laughed.

The bay will be a duller place without them. At least we have Marilyn to keep us amused. Child kidnapping isn’t a bad way to keep the town talking. Luckily for her, Nic isn’t pressing charges so she got away with that one.

Is Roo some kind of world class problem solver? She’s a one woman A-team. She defused the kidnapping situation and made sure George got back to Nicole in one piece. I wonder if part of her wouldn’t have minded to see Marilyn locked up, leaving a clear path to Sid. Given her mental state and all of the flirtatious texting going on, I think the doctor would be on for that scenario too.


So, Marilyn has absconded with George. I can’t believe Doctor Sid wasn’t keeping a closer eye on them. Cue mega-moany face from Nicole.

Nicole and Angelo aren’t leaving a forwarding address. That’s a nice how-do-you-do after all the support they got in Summer Bay. I hope they at least bring the child to visit Roman in prison. Could he be the Bay’s youngest granda?

Why doesn’t Nicole live in her own house? You’d imagine it would be perfect for a newborn.