Rosie duffed

Poor Rosie now has a teenage pregnancy* to deal with. Sid set out the options and she has a big decision ahead of her. She has an ace support team in the form of Sasha, Spencer, Sid, Zac and now Natalie. I can’t see this staying secret for very long.

Maddie is put out at all the attention Spencer is paying Rosie. Obviously, he can’t reveal what’s going on, which is making her angrier. She presumed that Spence and Rosie are becoming an item, until Roo pointed out she was jumping the gun a bit. That criss-cross dress of Roo’s is particularly mad, even for her.

Natalie is put out too, as she was thwarted in her nosiness by a reactive and sensible Zac. She pointed out that he didn’t play by the school rules, but he retorted that she is just feeling left out. Haha, Natalie ya moan.

* Previous teenage pregnancies include: Roo, Sophie, Selina, Angel, Kirsty, Cassie. Previous abortions include…only Martha, I think?

Fully bashed

Lisa turned up to Sid’s house, fully bashed. If I were Sid I would have set Sasha “Killer” Walker on Lisa’s husband. All Lisa got was a chat from Sasha; she’s very wise.

Sasha went a bit mad ¬†with jealousy when she heard about Casey’s imaginary friend, Tamara. I’m not so sure she was imaginary. However, her jealousy was explained when she confessed to Natalie that she might be pregnant! That’s right, in the grand old tradition of Summer Bay teenage pregnancies, following in the footsteps of Roo, Sophie, Angel, Chloe, Tasha, Kirsty, Cassie and Nicole, Sasha is up the duff. Hurray for another River Baby.


Angel hates Alf

Oooh, look at the turn this interview with Melissa George took, when the interviewer mentioned Home and Away!

And it’s not the first time it’s happened either. Shane definitely wouldn’t approve.


Romeo to the rescue

While Romeo was rescuing Harvey in the midst of the storm, only one of them got stage instructions on their script. Harvey spoke in normal tones about his boat sinking while Romeo shouted to be heard over the roar of the wind. I suppose it’s not that important when you have a compound fracture with bones sticking out of your leg. Romeo must be quite precious about his hair, he didn’t bother putting up his hood despite the weather. He did end up as quite the hero in this episode.

Leah got some pregnancy pains. Why do this kind of thing always happen at times of crisis in the Bay? There are echoes of Angel giving birth in a car in the middle of a storm.

Coleen howling around the school was quite entertaining. It sounded like she was auditioning for a part as the hunchback of notre dame. Bianca came a cropper when the roof collapsed. I predict a life threatening condition which will clear up by the end of the week.