Flamin’ Nora!

Just as I was getting over the fact that Morag is a regular whiz with a pool cue, up pops Colleen with the news that she’s the Stewarts’ sister! Strewth.

If she’s their sister though, how come they don’t do that unusual bobbing up and down when they get animated?

colleen bouncing up and down

(picture from www.voote.com
animation by homeandawayireland.com)

By the by, Colleen’s on MySpace now.

(So is Johnny , Jack , Tony , Alf , Amanda , Dani , Rocco Cooper , Vinnie , the Stalker , Morag the Awesome , Irene , Sally , Leah , Matilda , Little Pippa , Barry Hyde , and oh, bleedin’ millions of others.)


Sometimes, when I’m watching television of an evening, I find it hard to tell if I’m watching Six Feet Under or Home and Away. The ghostly apparitions and near-death experiences have me flummoxed. Then Alf appears and the fog lifts.

We nearly had a sex scene in tonight’s episode. Luckily the morality of the show was saved when it was revealed that it was founded in love. Phew.

I see Cassie is walking around with her hand on her belly. She must be pregnant so.

Job application

Dear Mr Stewart,

I would like to apply for the position of bar tender in Noahs. After observing the activities and behaviour of your employee Martha, I think that I am perfectly suited to the role. I ensure you that I will be well capable of getting drunk on the job and getting off with customers while I should be tending the bar. I look forward to hearing from you in relation to this.

Yours sincerely 

Mr. F Head.