Brax’s bad bud

Adam is some piece of work. He’s feeding Bianca “drugs”, and told Heath it’s nothing to do with him. Eh, hello Adam? You’re obviously not a local.

What is it that attracts baddies to Summer Bay? No-one has much money. Maybe they like the beach.

Heath is concerned about Bianca, but can’t be bothered sticking around to help her, not when there’s a Braxton adventure to be had in The City. So he dumped his problems at Natalie’s door. She tried to explain that’s not how counselling works, but Heath was deaf to her protest. See ya, sucker, sez he.

I’d say Casey is raging he can’t go on the BBA (Big Braxton Adventure). At least he made up with his bezzie mate, Sasha.

Mr. JP (ah what ya got for me) provided some light relief when he made a show of Gina at school, by inviting her to lunch on bended knee. However, circumstances conspired against them, so they had to make do with dinner.

Hang the dj

The party really kicked off in Angelo’s. All the stops were pulled out, Harvey was spinning the discs and Liam played a few tunes, while managing a restaurant.  The dress code was casual and the champagne was flowing.  Leah, Natalie and Marilyn had a few glasses before Marilyn gave a speech saying how much she loves living in the Bay.  Then she managed to set Leah up for a pash with a guy they were perving on, good work Miss Chambers.

Everybody was enjoying themselves except for Heath and Bianca.  The two of them are still hurting, understandably so.  Bianca is sick of the pain and wants to forget it all, so drugs are the only solution.  Sid and Heath refused to help so she asked Adam, Brax’s mate, to sort her with some hard stuff. Why did she bother with that?  She should have got a bottle of whiskey and asked Sid to show her where his ditch is.