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  • A few wee thoughts

    A few wee thoughts

    I am very slack on the H&A watching these days, but I did catch it today. It was a good one. It went like this: Irene: Come back and see us soon, Spencer. Spencer: I will, yeah. Then Roo and the Doc busted Alf out of hospital (am unsure why he’s there) and they all…

  • Beauty in the Bay

    Beauty in the Bay

    I don’t know who this creepy blonde lad is, but I do know he needs to improve his makeup removal technique, he’s dragging the skin something shocking here.

  • Excellent Breaking Bad homage

    Excellent Breaking Bad homage

    Summer Bay’s answer to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

  • Out of action

    Out of action

    We have suffered a terrible bereavement here at Home and Away Ireland HQ (worse than the Braxtons), so we may be out of action for some time. Thanks for understanding.

  • Misplaced faith

    Misplaced faith

    Chris is continuing his one man demolition job on Irene’s gaff. Not only did he wreck the oven, he then destroyed all of her cupboards and presses trying to remodel the kitchen. Irene is a saint and said she will let him continue with the project and update it whatever way he wants to. She…

  • Formal


    Sasha is planning a formal and bullying the citizens of Summer Bay into helping her. Chris (who is back from ??) threw a spanner in the works when he wrecked Irene’s kitchen, which had been earmarked for making sausage rolls. Sasha nearly had a rage stroke. Matt is going to save the day though. Dr.…

  • Easily swayed

    Easily swayed

    Ah lads, this is hard to watch. Poor simple Andy Barrett thinks Jake is his new best mate, and is hanging on his every word. THE BLEEDIN DOPE. We in H&AI HQ were nearly feeling sorry for lovelorn Maddie there, until she was a total wagon to Evie. Everyone’s keeping an eye on Oscar since…

  • Who is Jake Pirovic?

    Who is Jake Pirovic?

    He’s Andy’s new boss and the main man in Cody’s drug dealing ring. Him turning up can only mean one thing, trouble for the Braxtons. Casey and Brax are trying to give Andy a chance but he’s throwing it back in their faces by dealing away to his hearts content on the sly. The Bay…

  • A bit previous, Brax

    A bit previous, Brax

  • A chance for redemption

    A chance for redemption

    While engaging in some classic leaning, Brax told Casey about himself and Ricky trying for a baby. Casey managed to persuade him to help Andy, he needs the support that the Braxton boys gave each other if he’s to turn his life around. Brax held out a hand of friendship to Andy but got it…