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  • Ailsa’s helping Sally write a book!

    In real life, like.

  • Summer Bay residents in films
    Part 2: Star Trek

    “Beam me up Scotty” is what Captain George Kirk should have said  before he got blown up at the start of the recent Star Trek film. A short lived cameo from the actor formerly known as Kim Hyde was enough to impress Hollywood big wigs. He secured the title role in the upcoming Thor film,…

  • Summer Bay residents in films
    Part 1: The Matrix

    Proof that Leah gets out of the Bay once in a while; she appeared in the original Matrix film (she was Dujour). The movie career mustn’t have taken off for her. Ah well, she’ll always have Colleen. Damien aka Mouse was in it too. Damien in the Matrix – courtesy of

  • The V Man

    Vinnier is in True Blood , a vampire show by Alan Ball.  His character likes to “take it to the next level” with everyone in town.  He hasn’t yet been sent to jail, or worn a giant teddy bear suit.  There’s no sign of Leah either.  It’s very confusing.