Category: Real Life Sightings

  • Orange jumpsuit time

    There’s a real-life fire in Summer Bay!

  • Alf Stewart…in a tux

    Scroll down…

  • Summer Bay Beefcake Bonus

    So, Romeo and Heath are heading this way next. I hope Ruby’s coming too, I’d be interested to see how her hair turned out. Bet Brax was singing our praises. P.S. April’s coming too!

  • Melissa G

    Melissa’s looking hella Hollywood these days. I doubt she’d get on the back of Shane’s motorbike now.

  • Home and Away stars on Channel 5 UK

    Check out Martha, Rick and Sally on Channel 5. Rick needs a hair cut.

  • DCU Home & Away Society

    DCU Home & Away Society went to Blackpool to see Ray Meagher in panto. And they met the man himself. I am emerald with envy. Check out this greeting from Ray. He is so sound. I knew he would be.

  • First Fan Photos

    For all the thinking, and talking, and dreaming, I do about the wonderful world of Summer Bay, I have never actually set foot on the plains of Oz.   Luckily, some of our readers have – and were kind enough to send in their photos. These were taken by Emily Hoyne and Laura McDonnell, and…