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  • 30 years

    30 years

    Emily Symons, aka Marilyn Chambers, writes: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emily Symons (@emilysymons_)

  • I presume ye all have done this…?

    I presume ye all have done this…?

    Lads, I only got ten out of fifteen… The hardest Home and Away quiz ever via the Daily Edge

  • Alf’s got a new job

    Alf’s got a new job

    Alf has copped on to himself and got a bar job in Sober Lane in Cork. All those years honing his customer service skills in the Bait Shop have finally paid off.

  • This happened yesterday

    This happened yesterday

    Dear @RTEplayer why are you denying me Summer Bay access? #homeandaway — Morag Bellingham (@homeandawayIE) October 15, 2014

  • We need to talk about…

    We need to talk about…

    @homeandawayIE did u know Sophie is brax's real life fiancée?! — Fiona Kennedy (@FionaKennedy85) September 10, 2014 @FionaKennedy85 @homeandawayIE Yeah, and have ye noticed they havnt even met on the show yet 😉 — HomeAndAway RTE (@HomeAndAwayRTE1) September 12, 2014 @HomeAndAwayRTE1 @FionaKennedy85 Curious. Maybe today's the day! — Morag Bellingham (@homeandawayIE) September 12, 2014

  • TBTG: Home and Away’s Alf never to retire, sez he

    The Radio Times interviewed Ray Meagher, aka Alf Stewart and found out that he has no intention of going anywhere (ya flamin’ galah). Good news for a rainy Thursday!

  • Let joy be unconfined

    Let joy be unconfined

    TBTG, Home and Away is back; we haven’t seen Brax, Jett and the gang since 2013. The elder Braxton has gone to jail for at least 10 years and the rest of them don’t know what to be at. Heath is pretending to be a grown-up; he even defended the medical profession at one point,…

  • Vogue does Home and Away

    …is on tonight (RTE Two, 9.55). We didn’t make the cut but I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful insights into the world of Summer Bay, or at least, some sunny scenes to warm us up on this cold November evening. Details are here. In the words of the woman herself, This is the most…

  • Orange jumpsuit time

    There’s a real-life fire in Summer Bay!

  • Coppertop sez…

    …Set your tv to record the Saturday Night Show tonight. Kate Ritchie is going to be on the show.