Category: Irene’s Quotes

  • Irene advises Will

    “You made mistakes, big deal, you’re not Robinson Crusoe”. What? Can anyone explain what Irene was on about?

  • Gawd Save Ireland

    Gawd Save Ireland

    It’s a badly-kept secret that Irene feels a great affinity with our fair isle. So we decided to celebrate it in t-shirt form. Now you can pray along with Irene, or just show your support for eh, her support. Apparently the phrase “God save Ireland” comes from a rebel song. Home and Away is so…

  • Have you got rocks in your head?

    Lynne truly has some classic lines. Anytime someone goes a bit daft, she’s enquiring about the contents of their skull. Personally, I think there are a few pebbles rattling around in her noggin, as she would say herself. The reason being that her hair is nuts. It hasn’t been the same since she got out…

  • In the kingdom of the blind

    “Even blind Freddy could see that love.” Who is this blind Freddy that Irene keeps banging on about? Apparently he’s quite observant. Maybe he’s not blind at all. It’s a pity that he’s not on the school trip to the bush as he might have spotted Trey making a deathlist and Jai succumbing to an…

  • Irene to Belle

    “You get your boney butt back here girlie!” 

  • Oh GAWD!

    Irene’s date offered her a glass of very posh wine on their first date down the docks.  The background music hummed ominously as she accepted it, but she did put it aside.  Oh my gawdfather, will she fall off the wagon to win Lou’s heart?

  • Irene to a spaced out Rick

    “Earth to Bugalugs.” Rick was taken aback at the news to Colleen being his great aunt.

  • Irene is shocked

    “Oh my gawdfather!” Irene upon seeing the newspaper headline about Sally’s dismissal. Apparently the usual “oh gawd” just doesn’t cut it anymore. I bet Drew and Belle were impressed.

  • Irene to Jules

    “Have you gone out of your tiny mind?” Irene questions Jules’ mental capacity.

  • Irene – wriggle

    "Get a wriggle on girlie" – Irene to anyone of the lazy layabouts lounging in her house.